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Published: 2019-12-04 00:11:54
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In this age of globalization individuals can easily communicate irrespective of their national or even international boundaries. This has been made easy by the use of innovative communication technology which breaks geographical barriers. This can be done effectively through online communication and the use of internet and also by the use of telephones as well as fax machines. These have become very effective ways in communicating to people who have very different cultural backgrounds as there are no laws that have been enhanced in limiting the kind of information that is passed over the internet.

(Robert, 2007) However there are countries which have enacted some laws which limit the circulation and the amounts of the foreign cultural materials in their countries. This countries include France, china, Israel and Canada. These laws that have been enacted in these countries have both positive and negative effects on the nationally and also internationally. For instance if a country prohibits or limits the amount of foreign cultural material it closes itself up and it does not give its citizens the opportunity to learn or even appreciate other people from different cultural background.

It is important that such countries try and have rules that are a little bit flexible thus giving people the chance to learn from other cultures. For the countries which exercise this laws in their countries they however do not realize the importance of cultural diversity in the existence of the human race. (Robert, 2004) On the other hand these laws have a positive effect on the countries in which they exist as the continual limitation of the foreign cultural materials deter and also prevent the illegal international trade in the area of cultural properties.

The laws have a positive influence in these countries since they ensure that there is continuity in the preservation of their existing cultures. This further promotes the cultural heritage that exists leaving little or no room for the corruption of the fundamental cultural beliefs by mere influence from other cultures. The free movement of foreign cultural materials is viewed as a way of promoting a countrys economy because of the taxes that are put on the products thus bringing a lot of revenue to an individual country.

The Media greatly affects the way we view other people who are from very diverse backgrounds and who hold very different cultural beliefs. It also plays a very significant role in the democratic societies and the competitive markets which function effectively through the persuasion of a widespread of audiences. In most instances where the media is not controlled it can easily distort the truth while seeking to support their own cause.

On the other hand due to globalization the websites have become very important and they are also relatively inexpensive and they are an unregulated avenue for disseminating information that would influence our perceptions on other people from different cultures. The media has at times been very sensational especially in disseminating information that is extremely controversial attention grabbing or even information that is loud. Such extremities greatly influence our views on other people and on global issues as they also influence our judgments based on the picture painted by the media.

It is also easy to perceive things mistakenly or rightfully due do the sensational nature in which the media puts across a piece of information. (Robert, 2003) In most instances the media and also the politicians should be greatly monitored especially in the way they handle the asylum issue. The language that is often used in describing the asylum seekers, the techniques that are applied, the tone, the topics and also the headlines are most of the times based on false assumptions. They are also statements that are pejorative with a lot of inaccurate information and they also contain some incidents which have been highly exaggerated.

The language that is basically used in addressing the asylum seekers by especially by the media creates an atmosphere of great hostility and even a xenophobia which is directed towards the refugees and the asylum seekers in most parts of the world. The voice of the refugees is usually not heard and the language that is used in describing them is not free from the pejorative. When we are communicating with people from other different cultural backgrounds it is important that we put into consideration the fact that we all have the freedom of expression.

This is important such that it does not bring any hindrances that are based on different ways of self expression during communication and every one needs to be given a chance to freely express himself. It is also very important to understand that different cultures value very different things and the way in which information is transmitted from one source to another differs greatly. We should thus opt for representations that are all encompassing keeping in mind the issue of cultural diversity. (Putnam, 1997) Putnam, D. (1997): The Undeclared War, The Struggle for Control of the Worlds Film Industry.

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