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Published: 2020-01-27 21:51:38
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GTU has implemented a new Global MBA program since August 2011. This program requires immersion studies and preparation of reports and case studies in different subjects. To manage the immersion studies and to systematize the professionalism in various areas, GTU has set up three Skills councils (Marketing, HR and Finance) with 25 Sectorial Panels (7, 8 and 10 Sectorial Panels respectively for the Marketing, HR and Finance Councils respectively) on June 25, 2011. (

GTUs new MBA Program has three characteristics: Global, Innovative and Skill-oriented, with about 50% theory and 50% practical components in terms of number of hours, expected to be devoted by students. In case at a College, students and faculty members execute each of the courses, as expected, the market value of GTUs MBA graduates can soar to very high levels. GCSR (Global Country Study Report)was introduced with a vision to enable the students to enrich their management knowledge with global perspectives in competitive scenarios. On 25th of April 2013, GTU appointed a Board of Advisors for the GCSR program.

The Board consists of Mr. N. K. Goyal, President CMAI Association of India and a person with offices and correspondents in more than 52 countries, Mr. K. H. Patel, Former High Commissioner to Uganda and a former ambassador to many African countries and Mr. Sunil Modi, an expert on Business opportunities in Africa, having more than 30 years of experience in his field. Mr. Modi said that every MBA, who has learnt the practical course on GCSR well, would be offered high salaries by Indian as well as African companies.

Discussion about the work to be done in semester IV (Refer GCSR Handbook) SWOT analysis of the selected Company (Presentation by students) Discussion about selected product/service by each group (Presentation by students) Discussion about foreign trade policy and procedures

Discuss on the contents of Business Plan
Invite industry Experts/ Guest Lecturer/ International students studying at GTU for selected country/organize cultural events
Presentation by students on business plan prepared for selected product/service Findings in terms of Export-Import opportunities w.r.t. selected product/ service between the two Countries (Presentation by students)

Conduct Mock Viva before appearing for University Viva Voce
Compilation and Submission of final report & PPT in the given format

Important Points to be considered during the CGSR study:
Faculties should encourage students to visit the selected country/state. It is mandatory to visit local company (1-2 week) during gap of semester III and semester IV, in case if students are not visiting the selected country/state.

Certificate from the company or from the principal/HOD/ Director regarding company visit is to be furnished with the project report.
Faculties should ask the students to submit weekly progress report of work done by them Above session plans are indicative. Any other innovative way of conducting GCSR sessions can be suggested by faculty guide.

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