Gestational Diabetes and the Unborn Essay

Published: 2020-01-31 00:12:57
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Gestational diabetes can lead to long immediate and long term health problems in children. Several studies have shown the cause and effect relationship between gestational diabetes and the unborn child. This paper reviews three studies that explore the effect of gestational diabetes of the unborn child.

Gestational Diabetes and the Unborn Child
Gestational diabetes is a condition that exhibits high glucose levels in which the woman has not been previously diagnosed with diabetes. This condition causes metabolic imbalance for the unborn child. This paper will utilize three articles emphasizing the cause and effect that gestational diabetes may have on the mother and the unborn child, short term as well as long term health. Methods

A variety of methods were used in order to identify short and long-term effects of gestational diabetes. For example, Diouf et al. (2011) as well Driggers and Baschat (2012), used studies and surveys to collect information for their research. On the other hand, the study by Hartling et al. (2013), utilized electronic data sources in addition to surveys and studies. Results

The article by Driggers and Baschat (2012) found that ¦exposure to hyperglycemia during pregnancy can significantly increase a childs risk for long term complications¦ (p.4) According to the article by Hartling et al. (2013), it was found that metabolic outcomes in infants can be affected due to diabetes (p.123). Finally the article by Diouf et al. (2011), found that ¦ maternal weight dynamic before conception could play a role in the process of early life programming¦(p.795) Discussion

According to all three articles, gestational diabetes impacts the fetal metabolism causing metabolic imbalance. The effect that gestational diabetes may have on the unborn child varies from excessive weight gain, mental retardation, and type II diabetes. Untreated gestational diabetes also has severe implications for the mother. For instance, according to Hartling et al.

(2013) treating GDM results in less preeclampsia, shoulder dystocia, and macrosomia¦(p.123) According to all 3 articles, gestational diabetes is an important factor in future health outcomes for the unborn child. Gestational diabetes is a condition that can cause severe harm to the unborn child if left untreated. The results of these articles revealed the need to better understand gestational diabetes in order to minimize risk to the unborn child.

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