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George Eastman is best remembered for his very significant invention which is the Kodak camera. Through his invention, he made photography easy and inexpensive to people. Although George Eastman was a dropout from school, he was able to support his mother and his two sisters, one of whom was severely handicapped . His father died early when he was 14, which is why he had to drop from school. He then worked in an insurance company and then in a local bank where he served as a clerk.

Using his ability and creative mind, he invented the first camera which was powered by a roll film. A few years later, he successfully directed his own Eastman Kodak Company. His exposure in photography started when he was 24 when he planned to visit Sto. Domingo together with his co-worker. Before the vacation, he was advised to record their trip so he prepared photographic outfits and materials that are big and complicated. From there, he concentrated in making the long process of photography simple while he was employed as a clerk.

After three years, he was able to finish his dry plate formula and patented machines for producing more plates and sold it to photographers . However, his business collapsed when he had to replace dry plates which were destroyed. Afterwards, he used lighter and more flexible support than glass . More developments followed when he used the coat of photogrphic emulsion on paper and loaded it in a roll holder . He again changed the paper into a transparent roll film and roll holder and the first roll film camera was devised.

Various advertisements of his work ensued. In 1888, the Kodak camera was formally introduced and his statement, you press the button, we do the rest became a well- known phrase . His ingenuity has made the usually expensive photography available to all. Aside from that, George Eastman is known also as a philanthropist for giving away his fortune. One of his great contributions is the Rochester Institute of Technology .


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