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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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It is interesting to study what makes a generation, before we go into whether generational factors play a key role in making one more willing to do or successful. It is generally accepted that a generation does not necessarily mean the same age people. It is rather the set of influences that worked on them during their formative years that makes their generation distinct. What is more important is that they share the same formative experiences. The whole theme of generation factor is based more on observation and theories than on any dependable evidence.

Our common sense tells that it is not so much the persons date of birth that defines them it is rather what influences they were exposed to during their formative years and some time thereafter that is important. According to Rhode and Platteel, formative experiences produce powerful symbols from which arises a sense of a new generation. The plasticity of our brains, besides responding to the people and training to which we expose it, also responds, for good or for bad, to the technology all around us: television, movies, mobile phones, e-mail, laptop computers and the Internet (The New Brain Dr Richard Restak.

2003) The strongest influences on the generation y are the well known world brands and their products. They have successfully created a generation which is prosperous, happy and well adjusted. (By David Plotz. 1999). These influences play a key role in making the minds of the generation. Undoubtedly, all these will create openness in their approach resulting in willingness to do what think right.

They are quite different from the previous generations which were more skeptical lacking the much needed information and guidance, reserved and unwilling to take risks. Now, the brand touches the mindset and the heartstrings of a large proportion of VG by offering the attitude for living: Just do it. (David Plotz. )


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