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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Mathematics, Science, and foreign language (Spanish) are three subjects that I have always excelled in. My success in these subjects is not only due to my passion and diligence, but it is also largely due to having dedicated and influential teachers.

Mathematics has always been a subject that I enjoy. For me, it is simple. Numbers just seem to make sense to me. Even upon entering high school where math changed drastically- new terms, new formulas, and even new numbers that I wasnt familiar with- I have managed to gracefully continue to excel in the subject. I cant honestly say that I have grasped every Mathematic concept with finesse, sometimes I have even become overwhelmed by that coursework, but I have been fortunate enough to have phenomenal math teachers to guide me. Two teachers that I recall very well are Mrs. ONeal and Ms. Peyton.

Mrs. ONeal was my tenth grade Algebra II teacher and I remember her class being my absolute favorite that year. She had an engaging personality and her teaching style was great. She was very persistent in the way that she explained things because she wanted to be sure that we all understood. Ms. Peyton was very similar to her, except that she possessed a more relaxed, wittier kind of personality. She usually had clever shortcuts and strategies that assisted us in grasping concepts in my eleventh grade Pre-Calculus class. Between the flair with which these teachers taught their classes and the encouragement and motivation that they provided after school, I have still managed to excel in math.

Along with math, another subject that I have excelled in is Science. Moreover, Science has never been one of my most favored subjects, but due to its alignment with math as I progressed into Chemistry and Physics, I became very skilled at it. I can truthfully say that I attribute my success in Science to both studying the basic concepts of each course and applying my developed math skills to the courses. Throughout my high school career, I have also had a few great Science teachers. From my tenth grade Chemistry teachers wild, frantic method of teaching where she drew huge pictures and blurted concepts as she went along to my very lax, almost timid eleventh grade Physics teacher, I have been given great strategies and methods in comprehending and applying scientific concepts that have continued to assist me in the course.

Foreign language has consistently been one of my better subjects because I am enthralled with the idea of communicating with someone outside of my pure, traditional American culture. I have specifically focused on Spanish while studying foreign language because it is a language that I have grown up around. Coming from a family of various Hispanic ethnicities, the different dialects and slangs of Spanish have kind of been a part of me. While in my home state of New York, I attended a predominately Spanish-speaking private school, at which we learned everything in both English and Spanish.

I can recall saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish and also listening to our announcements which were first said in Spanish then translated into English. Although I was only at this school for a short amount of time, as I grew older, I found myself wanting to continue to master the language. With my determination and pride in the Spanish culture thriving strong throughout my years of schooling, I have excelled in this foreign language with ease and I continue to do so in college, where I plan to minor in Spanish.

My success in these subjects have been due to a number of factors, but the most dominant being my own self-motivation and the assistance of wonderful teachers. I plan to continue to be great in these courses as I finish them in high school and college.

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