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Published: 2020-02-24 01:11:46
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Throughout history, art has always been the highlight of mankind. Art has been writing history before language has been created. Our art has written history, or even protected us, the Gate of Ishtar did its purpose by doing so. A wonderful, and very artistic wall built through art, this gate was dedicated to the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar

The Gate of Ishtar was one of the greatest, and monumental architectural treasure ever constructed during the Neo-Babylonian and Persian period. It was even considered one of the seven wonders in the world. The history behind this gate is very rich and popular. It was built during the time of Nebuchadnezzar II, who ordered the building of this gate.

The time of this finished its construction was around 575 BCE. According to where the gate was located, it guarded the northern part of Babylon, running through the Processional Way. During the time, the gate was an absolute phenomenon. It ran approximately 40 feet high and 30 feet width, it also had a double arch gate. The reason behind the double arch gate was for it to be spaced by an interior passage. The masonry during the time of construction of the gate was very advanced, but not long lasting. The gate consisted of mud bricks, since the whole city of Babylon used mud bricks. Covering the mud bricks were blue glazed led, or copper, that gave the bricks an illuminating dark blue color.

During that time, they used this process for all the important monuments in Babylon. On the gate there is a description, ordered by Nebuchadnezzar himself, which stated his feelings toward the gate, and the description of what the gate was made of. He also built his palace a few meters away from the gate itself. Throughout the gate, every brick was sought out and hand crafted one by one. Doing so, anyone who experiences the gate first hand can tell the marksmanship of each brick. The brickwork is decorated and inlayed by yellow colors creating lions, which run throughout the entire gate. The lion represented fearlessness and war. Dragons, palm trees and geometric designs were also on the gate. Although they use fearless animals, its also used to show order, and organized manner. The purpose the Gate of Ishtar was supposed to represent the power and determination of Babylon. On top of the gate there are dragon decoration, which was a sacred beast or sign of the gods, Marduk and Nabu. While the lions and bulls, which are also on the gate, also are sacred in the Babylonian culture and the god Marduk.

Going on later in the future, the year 1902 ac, a German archeologist by the name of Robert Koldeway took credit of the unearthing of the Gate in the ruins of Babylon. Actually, unearthing this global phenomenon took a while, from the date 1902 to 1914. Approximately 12 years to unearth almost all the remains of the gate. During the time of the excavation, the gate was so large, that it could not be set in just one museum, but many throughout the world.

Sadly, only three museums throughout the world has acquired the dragon souvenir from the gate, while many other museums have the lion. After many years the gate of Ishtar has tried to make a comeback. In 1983 Saddam Hussein tried to reconstruct this magnificent wonder, but due to the war in Iraq, things were on hold. Iraq hopes to reconstruct the gate after things settle down.

This gate is also popular throughout the world. For it is mentioned in the bible. It is one of the most documented events of early civilizations.

All these factors create what was known as the gate of Ishtar. It will always be known as one of the wonders of the world. As time goes on, people will forget was known as The Gate of Ishtar.

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