Gaps History and Mission Statement and Vision Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Doris and Don Fisher opened the first Gap store in 1969. Today, Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer with six brands Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta and INTERMIX about 3300 stores and 134,000 employees. The products include apparel, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, children, and babies. The Company operates in two segments: Stores, which includes the operations of the retail stores for Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic, and Direct, which includes the operations for its online brands, both domestic and international. Company-operated stores: About 3,000 stores across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Japan and Italy *Fun fact! The first Gap store outside the United States opened in the UK in 1987 Franchise stores:Over 250 stores in locations across Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

At its founding in 1969, and remains deep in Gaps DNA today are: customer focus, community involvement and integrity. Since today, there are more than 134,000 people around the world and company culture encourages each one to Wear your passion. Mission StatementGap, Inc. is a brand-builder. We create emotional connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design, unique store experiences, and compelling marketing.In addition to its mission statement, The Gap also has a purpose statement, which is designed to guide the daily actions of its employees. Our purpose? Simply, to make it easier for you to express your personal style throughout your life. We have more than 150,000 passionate, talented people around the world who help bring this purpose to life for our customers.

Vision :

Think: customers first we consider the needs and value the diversity of thought, experience and perspectives among our customers. Inspire: creativity we open ourselves to new ideas, tapping into our diversity of perspectives. Do: whats right we treat every customer, supplier and employee with respect. Deliver: results we strive to create an inclusive environment where employees thrive and generate top performance.

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