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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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MegaJava Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 250 employees. It directly markets one product: a unique coffee cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. Nathan Jr. and a group of 10 other executives run the company. MegaJava Corporation has received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture capitalist and Nathan Jr. are predicting 100 percent growth in five years. To achieve that growth, productivity will need to increase at a similar rate. Therefore, this proposal provides a suggested business model update. Further, the functional areas updates are indicated to assist the business model to predict, plan, and implement future growth and profits.

MegaJava will need to have a strong and aggressive approach when it comes to Human Resources. Like all companies the employees are the backbone and driving focus to the companys success. Defined in A Guide for Strengthening HRM Systems (2005) as the use of procedures, policies, and practices to recruit, maintain, and develop employees in order for the organization to meet its desired goals; Human Resources is the backbone of the MegaJava Corporation. The company will also need to budget for the existing positions as well projected positions and workload requirements.

The Human Resources department at MegaJava will focus on staffing, profitability, improvement strategies, performance evaluations, and employee relations litigations amongst other things. The challenges MegaJava faces in the future with the current 250 employees and growing will be retention, development and work-life balance. The top three in the U.S. were managing talent, improving leadership and managing demographics Goldsmith, M. (2008). Managing Workforce Flow and Developing Human Capital is two areas that continue to be ongoing issues within the HR field.

MegaJava will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws dealing with discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion and handicap. All applicants will be judged on case by case basis and will not be denied a job if they are capable of completing the task regardless of any physical or mental handicaps and in cases where MegaJava will need to give special accommodations within federal guidelines. Compile too all privacy laws dealing with an applicants right to privacy and all employees handling personal records and information have to maintain a level of confidentiality. MegaJava will follow all IRS and Immigration laws for all employees and contractors.

Benefits are important to all employees sometimes more than. MegaJava will have a benefits package that includes health and dental insurance, retirement plans, life insurance, disability and vacation. Full-Time employees will be offered some mandatory benefits. The company will be required legally to have unemployment and workers compensation for all employees because it is federally mandatory. Along with compensation MegaJava will implement programs that will serve as tools to drive productivity and performance while reducing risk within the organization. Recognition programs will boost morale while empowering employees. The site GreatBizTools listed that only 25% of employees work at their full capacity and 50% give the bare minimum. GreatBuzTools. (NA).

Future Growth

As the demands of the business increase, the company must have sufficient managers to create a workload planner, delegate tasks and supervise employees. MegaJava will comply with all Federal, State and Local laws dealing with discrimination based on al race, color, gender, religion and handicap. The company will maintain high ethical standards of confidentiality when dealing with an applicants privacy and all employees handling personal records; complying with all IRS, Immigration & Disability laws for all employees and contractors.

MegaJava is predicting to hire an additional 250 employees over the next 5 years. The estimated payroll for the hiring will be over 2.3 million dollars. A growing, entrepreneurial company, with variable sales and income, may be better off controlling the levels of base salaries Heathfield, S. The recommendation will be to hire an estimated 50 employees annually. Reducing the number of management hired every year will give the company the opportunity to develop and promote current employees to the next level. Development is a great recognition tool for any company because most employees will like to feel they are growing along with the success of their company.

Defining Roles: Positions and Responsibilities

Hourly positions that can be beneficial to the HR team would be an Administrative Assistant which would require 1 to 5 years experience, high school diploma or equivalent and a starting salary of 47k annually. The Administrative Assistant will be coordinate support for the organization. Duties for this position includes record keeping, answering the phones, mail distribution, submit work orders and track employee attendance. The employee within this position can be developed and promoted into the HR Specialist and/or Customer Service Representative position Human Resources Specialist and Human Resources Manager are important position to the recruiting and retaining of employees.

Qualifications for a strong HR Specialist and Manager would be 1 to 5 years experience directly in the recruiting field, minimum of a Bachelors degree and has a starting salary of 52k annually for a HR Specialist and 99k annually for a HR Manager. Both positions recruit, interview, and hire applicants, however the HR Manager focuses more on strategic planning and performance management. Candidates within this role can transition into a Benefits Coordinator or Benefits Manager position.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2012) The Compensation and Benefits department is responsible for planning and coordinating how and how much the company pays and the benefits available to the employees. Working within this department employees are required to monitor market conditions while staying updated and within compliance of local, state and federal law with wages and benefits. The department maintains that operations of the business stays within the budget created at the beginning of the fiscal year. Other advancements for employees within this position would be Accounting & Finance.

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