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Published: 2019-10-10 12:35:48
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How does Kari Herbert convince the readers for the necessity of hunting whales in the arctic region? You should comment on: 1=the geographical and living conditions of the native people. 2=the use of argumentative language. 3=the language If people in the arctic region wont eat what they have, i. e. whales, then what will they eat? Should they think of saving the extinct animals or saving their own lives? This is the argument stated by Kari Herbert and she has indeed confused and convinced the readers by the use of argumentative language throughout the passage and especially in the last paragraph.

But the inighuit people animals they kill Kari Herbert, from the beginning, is creating an atmosphere of sympathy towards the inighuit people using adjectives like, harsh environment, remote settlement and snowy wastes for their habitat. She informs us that there is no other source of food (no plants) except hunting whales due to extremely low temperature. She succeeds in giving us evidences and proofs by giving us even the smallest details of the area and the whale in the strap lines and proving that hunting is not a sport but a need for the inighuit people.

She has even used local language or jargons to tell that nothing of the narwhale is wasted or thrown away and that every part of a narwhale helps them in this or that manner even the things which would have been worthless in our eyes are made useful like the skin is used as a source of light and heat For centuries the blubber of the whales was also the only source of light and heat. They depend on a narwhale not only for food but for almost everything, it was part of their staple diet Kari Herbert goes through a difficult time in this passage and sometimes she gets emotional, my heart also urged, sometimes excited and tensed.

The hunters were close enough to touch the narwhale with their bare hands and yet they never moved and sometimes taken over by conflicting thoughts It was a foolhardy exercise and one that could only inspire respect. And yet at the same time my heart also urged the narwhale to dive, to leave, to survive. With all her moods her language changes sometimes emotional and sometimes argumentative. This autobiography is fulfilling two roles-informing us about the narwhale and life in the arctic while also revealing the authors response to the events she witnessed there.

And both the roles have fulfilled one purpose that is the necessity of hunting in the arctic region. She has made this clear by also stating the risks and dangers in hunting these whales, risking their lives, their wealth and the safety of their family just to hunt a whale, not because they like it, because they need it, because it is their staple diet and their want to keep breathing and not dying.

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