From Dancing Shoes to A High School Diploma Essay

Published: 2019-12-12 05:51:41
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I have always believed that something great was destined for each and everyone of us. No matter how hard we try, there are still certain things that we take for granted. Sometimes, these little things are the ones that matter in the end. From being the average student to the extraordinary dancer, these experiences have definitely helped shape who I am today. I am originally from Korea, where I finished my elementary and high school. School has always been a challenge for me, making me finish the elementary level with just average grades.

I did not belong to the group of students who brought honor and pride to their parents because of exemplary performance in school. I was just an average student who would sit in class and listen to the lessons taught by the teachers. Middle school became another challenge for me. I was growing older, and wanted so much to fit in the crowd. I became more interested in hanging out with my friends rather than attending school and preparing myself for the real world. My grades started to deteriorate, and my teachers and my parents were alarmed with what was happening to me.

I became clueless with what my goals in life should be. All I know was that I wanted to enjoy life and be with my friends. While I was still able to pass middle school, my grades were nowhere near impressive. I was still my old selfuninterested with school and dependent on what my peers would say. One day, a high school student approached me and asked me to join the dance club. I guess all of those dancing stints during parties paid off. I was accepted and was forever changed by my experience in the club. The few sessions I had with the dance club made me realize a lot of things.

I learned the basics of hard work and determination. Dancing became a big part of my life. Whether it was daytime or night time, I was always dancing. Unfortunately, my grades were greatly affected again. They started to deteriorate, and this prompted my teachers to open my eyes to reality. My homeroom teacher constantly explained to me that dancing is a good hobby, for I am able to express myself creatively. However, she told me that I should pay more attention to my studies so that I may be able to enter a reputable high school. I ignored these statements and went on with the kind of lifestyle I was used to.

The last year of middle school meant that we had to apply in different high schools. Together with my friends and peers, we started applying to the prestigious schools in our district. My friends were able to get accepted in some of these schools, unfortunately, I was not one of them. My unimpressive school transcript prevented me from being accepted in a reputable school. In short, I was rejected most of the time. My homeroom teacher became concerned with the situation, so she suggested that we enter a dance competition in order to get extra curricular points that may be included in our application forms.

My friends and I thought that this was our last option to prove ourselves, so we decided to enter the said competition. I could definitely say that we gave our best, practicing until our bones and muscles hurt. Unfortunately, we were defeated in the preliminaries. I was greatly affected with the decision, making me cry my heart out. After all the hard work and dedication I gave for this competition, still it was not enough. I decided to live a new life from then on. Eventually, I was able to attend a high school away from my friends and family.

I became determined more than ever to study hard and be someone. My lack of knowledge in middle school has made high school difficult for me. Being accepted in a reputable university was the hardest part of all. My hopes and dreams of actually succeeding in life started to diminish. With these in mind, I decided to learn a particular skill, no matter how difficult it was. Currently, I am in the United States hoping to somehow fulfill my dreams and aspirations. I am determined more than ever to study and learn to the best of my abilities, and avoid the mistakes that I have committed in the past.

I learned that work and play should be balanced, and that there should be a set of priorities that should not be taken for granted. I am now aware that everything happens for a reason and that no time should be wasted. As I look back and recall my days in middle school, I cannot help but be disappointed in myself. If only I can go back in time and correct the mistakes I have committed in the past, I would do it. I have realized that opportunity only knocks once in a lifetime, and you can never go back to redo the things of the past. The said experience has helped me rise up and always be thankful that I am given another chance to fix my life.

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