Frederick Douglass vs. Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

Published: 2019-10-27 02:50:26
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MLK Jr and Frederick Douglass both have the same thoughts on how African Americans should be treated different. The main difference between there thoughts are how they feel about how African Americans get treated by white people. Frederick Douglass was a slave who escaped form slavery but while in it he was treated horrible. Since he was treated so bad his point of view and perspective on white people is that there all evil no matter whom they are. But from MLKs perspective he just wants African Americans to have equal rights just like they should.

Frederick Douglass was born a slave and has been around slavery all his life. During slavery the slaveholders never held back and never showed mercy when they punished slaves. Frederick Douglass was punished so much and to him slaveholders and white people are evil. So since Frederick Douglass has only really seen white people when there mad and when they harm him, that is why his point of view on them is so different then MLKs. That is also why Frederick Douglasss speech is different from MLKs letter they both have two different perspectives on white people.

Martin Luther King on the other hand is totally different. He really just wants peace for his people and the same rights. He believes that all humans are the same and created from the same person so why dont African Americans have equal rights as everyone else. He knows the nicer white people and he also knows the white people who dont care at all about what he wants. So unlike Frederick Douglass who didnt know any nice white people MLK knew people who were on his side and the people who were totally out to get him. That is why MLKs letter is different than Frederick Douglasss speech.

They both do have there similarities though. They both want the same for there people and thats peace and to be equal. MLK enforced it a lot more than Frederick Douglass but in the end they both wanted the same thing for there people. They both suffered a lot from wanting equal rights but they made it. MLK got put into jail for awhile and was humiliated and Frederick Douglass was nearly beat to death everyday and was humiliated so much everyday but in the end it was all worth it because now African Americans are equal and have there rights.

In the end these two men got what they worked so hard for, there rights for there people and equality. They both had a goal and achieved it they never gave up no matter how hard it got or no matter how much trouble they got into they strived for there goal and achieved it. These two men are inspirations to most people because of what they have dont to help there people and themselves.

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