Four Different Ways Select Text in Word Program Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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There are many ways that one can select text in Microsoft Offices Word program. This is to provide a variety of methods to aid users in completing their daily task efficiently. Whether it be to select a single word, paragraph, or the entire documents, this can be achieved by using the four different ways that are mentioned below. One of the first and easiest ways to select text in a Word program is the click and drag method. Most users will know how to use this method without any tutoring required. Just point your cursor at the desired word, click, hold and drag it until it reaches the end of the text that you want to select. To select the current word, you will need to double-click it. Then, Word will highlight the word that you clicked from the left to right until it encounters a space character. This is an easier alternative way to change a word faster instead of deleting it letter by letter with the backspace button. Besides the double-clicking method, one can also triple-click any one word in a paragraph.

This enables us to select a whole paragraph with ease. This is definitely a better and faster way to select a whole paragraph compared to the click and drag method. If one wants to select a whole document, there is also a method for that, and this can be done by clicking the Ctrl button, hold it and click the A button. With this, the whole document will be highlighted and just one click of a random button, the newly created text will replace the whole document. This is usually used by most people as they do not need to reach out for the mouse, but rather make use of the shortcut function available in the Word program by using the keyboard. There are still a lot of ways to select text and these are the four basic ones compared to the other methods. Hence, we should be grateful towards the developers and masterminds of Microsoft Office that made life easier for everyone.

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