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Published: 2020-02-22 14:32:22
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As an AS drama group, we carried out certain exercises on narrative structure, to identify ourselves with that used in the play. For instance, we each acted out a scene, illustrating an everyday activity such as waking and getting up. We then narrated these scenes first in the first person narrative, then in the third.

This enabled us to identify with how Brecht wished his actors to perform, as by narrating our own actions in the third person narrative, we were detaching ourselves from the parts we were playing, and so were not thinking emotionally what should this character think and feel now, but rather thought, how should this character appear. This also enabled us to understand how the process of taking photographs of scenes and trying to identify what was occurring within that scene, helped Brecht decide if his actors were performing correctly.

The Verfremdungseffekte were designed to expose the familiar; Brechts actors were to present things in their concrete reality so that the audience would be encouraged to think about what had given rise to situation depicted, in this case Hitlers, or Uis rise to power, and therefore consider ways to change those conditions in the future. * The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui is divided into 15 scenes, some of which are subdivided into several sections identified by letters. These 15 scenes are then divided almost equally into 2 acts. This symmetry gives the play a degree of continuity, enabling it to flow smoothly.

Scene 8 displays a structure unique from that of other scenes throughout the play. It is the scene in which the innocent fish is on trial for potentially burning down Hooks warehouse. He is being tried before a corrupt judge caused by the manipulation of the judicial system by Ui and his underlings. This scene is divided into seven parts, a to g. Each of these parts is shorter in length than that preceding it, hence quickening the pace of the play and building tension within the scene. The shortening sections also highlight Fishs plunge into a prison sentence, that which he is undeserving of.

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