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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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1. Incorporation (Inc. ) means to form a legal association of individuals, created by law or under the authority of law, with a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and with powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members. Therefore, Food Inc. implies that food system of the modern day has become more of a combination of monopolized businesses, whom only care about their profits, rather than the farmers from the obsolete agricultural system. 2.

Walking through a supermarket many food items are plastered with images of farms and pastures creating a facade to the true factory farming thats occurring in todays society. These images are creating a pastoral fantasy of the agrarian America of the 1930s. 3. Using Monsantos soy beans for this timeline all seeds begin in a lab. Seeds are genetically altered (GMOs). They are then sold to farmers who have a contract with the Monsanto Company. Then they harvested in large amounts and shipped out to be processed, but some of the beans are used a feed for cattle and other livestock.

At the factory they are packaged, and are shipped out to local supermarkets for national consumption. 4. The McDonald brothers revolutionized the fast food industry. They brought the factory system to the kitchen. Increasing profit, while decreasing costs, and with this came an increase in the unhealthiness of food by focusing on the three things humans desire most: sugar, fat, and salt. 5. Factory farming is the precise systematic farming of livestock in a factory setting an example being chickens.

Today, chickens are often raised in huge metal buildings with no access to light or fresh air, confined together with thousands of birds in one building, and made to grow so quickly that often their bones cannot keep up and they can lose their ability to walk. 6. In Food Inc. the phrase growing chickens creates a negative connotation. It would seem that the process thats usually referred to as raising chickens has become so systematic that there is no longer a personal connection between the farmer, and his chickens. They become property, which are only used for financial profit.

7. With all the diversity found in the supermarket, one would think there are hundreds of different companies that provide the different foods. Truthfully, about eighty percent of all products in the supermarket are produced, and distributed by four major companies. This creates an illusion of diversity which, unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of. 8. Monsanto Company, Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods, and Perdue Farms were all asked to be interviewed for Food Inc. and all declined the opportunity. Declining the opportunity to explain their motives give many a reason for doubt.

Showing they have secrets or motives that would not be explainable without legal confrontations. 9. Environmental contamination is a major result of the newly developed farming system. Manure mixed with run-off water can contaminate surrounding vegetable farms causing Salmonella and E. coli contamination in plants such as spinach and lettuce. In South America, a major beef producer, deforestation has become a huge problem which is created by companies trying to make space for factory farms. This deforestation causes the displacement of animals and ecosystems.

Smoke produced by factories can lead to smog, and air pollution in concentrated amounts. 10. Not only does the modern food system have a negative effect on the environment it harms humans as well. With animal feed being treated with antibiotics any bacteria present has a chance to become immune. This bacteria can then be acquired by consumption of raw meat, and with it being immune to some antibiotics, it will cause an increase the difficulty of treatment, and may result in death. With the food system being based so highly on the consumption of fat, salt, and sugar, a major concern for humans is heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Type two diabetes, acquired diabetes, used to only be contracted in adulthood, but now its arising as early as age seven. 11. There is a direct relationship between food and health. The major goal of the new industrial agricultural system is to grow everything faster, fatter, and bigger. Weve grown right along with the companies who own these farms. Michael Pollan evaluates the problem by comparing it to the past: Over the course of human history, we were struggling to make sure we had enough food and enough calories for a sizable percentage of the human race.

Now the problem is too many calories. 12. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Companies such as Tyson may use GMOs to produce more efficient and more profitable livestock. GMOs should be clearly labeled when present in food. Although not all GMOs are harmful, a customer should be privileged to know what their food contains. Labeling the presence of a GMO may also prevent a lawsuit against the major corporations if anything was to happen. 13. The documentary Food Inc. , being very factual, used many different sources to acquire all the information needed.

Sources such as first-hand accounts on what occur, hidden cameras, accredited websites, other documentaries, classical farmers, award winning authors familiar with the topic, and many well educated informants. 14. Food Inc. is sectioned into chapters. Each chapter pulls the veil away from the consumers eyes on somewhat different, but connected topics: fast food, food contents, food safety, right to healthy food, meat industry, chicken industry, major companies, lives lost, and what consumers can do to change the system.

15. Being a documentary the main purpose of Food to educate people on the problems of food production, and to persuade consumers to make healthier food choices. It may also be trying to inspire change in the everyday persons eating habits. 16. Food Inc. is directed towards middle class citizens who shop at the supermarket without really knowing what they are eating. 17. The strategies used throughout Food Inc. covered a wide range of tactics. Rhetorical questions, hidden camera footage, creditable statistics, personal anecdotes, music, religion, and the most heart wrenching strategy used was on location filming of the factory farms.

18. Food Inc. had a very informative, and cautious tone. There were many facts, and just as many warnings. 19. An interesting revelation made in the duration of Food Inc. is how naive people can ben to their surroundings. Maria Gonzalez believed that everything was healthy which justified her family visiting Burger King for almost every meal. It would be understandable to know that she couldnt afford anything healthier, but to not know that the food she was consuming was unhealthy, it just shows how manipulative large corporations can be.

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