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Published: 2020-02-05 12:30:48
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Following policies and guidelines set by the Academe has never really been my specialty. For one, I truly believe in the essence and practice of Academic Freedom. In other words, I have always fancied the idea of using my own prospects and methods when dealing with individuals. One reason why is because I believe that every knowledgeable educator has his or her own way of interpreting, expressing and imparting his or her own knowledge to society. Being at one with the restrictions set by the Academe will only hinder the proceedings of an educator.

As such, I follow my own rules and laws when it comes to teaching; for I am both confident in my skills and in my methods of developing and inspiring human minds. I do not believe that the practice of Academic Freedom is a form of rebellion and disobedience. The Academes goal very much revolves around the concept of molding young minds through sheer versatile methods incorporated throughout the ages from its conception hitherto. The world is changing. And as such, the Academe must do to the Academe must be versatile and/or volatile.

For an educator to be versatile and/or volatile denotes that that educator is aware of the fact that every student have different needs and different methods of acquiring knowledge and these differences corresponds to the quickness of time that is within their generation. Versatility and/or volatility is imperative and I truly believe that the achievement of both these aspects starts with the exercise of Academic Freedom. I believe that my greatest strength as an educator is my sense of compassion and empathy towards other people.

Being a mother to three kids, I can easily associate with children on different sides and levels correspondently. The feeling of compassion towards my students has helped me become reserved of anger and frustration towards their natural haughtiness. While my empathy, on the other hand, allowed me understand their academic and emotional needs in the same way a mother uncannily understands her childrens needs and wants. This strength, unfortunately, is also the one I personally consider my weakness.

Being inherently compassionate and empathic, I am bound to encounter several individuals that would or could take advantage of me. The end result of such an action could be procrastination, sluggishness and disobedience on the part of the individual. That is why, to some extent, I must learn how to control my emotions and withhold it on a more bearable level during my class sessions. Being compassionate and empathic is a good strength. However, if I continue being as such towards my students without any hesitation or restraint, I may end up being lenient and lax towards their own academic and personal growth.

Ultimately though, on a more general context, I believe that the amalgamation of these traits as a strength and as a weakness would be the one thing that would make a lasting impression on my students. Being compassionate and empathic towards their needs and being able to exercise restraint in times of necessity would serve as an example for my students; that versatility and volatility is an important aspect of being both an educator and a student and of being a human person as well.

To have this kind of an impact over my students would be definitely rewarding on my part. Every educator has his or her own style of teaching. And as such, an educator is bound to affect his or her own students in a myriad of unique ways. What I have laid down are only assumptions positive ones for the future. I cannot force my students to accept something they do not want. My assumption may be true; but its effect on every student may vary on different intervals and combinations.

However, what we cannot deny for educators, still, is the fact that they (or rather, we) will always leave a lasting mark on every student we have encountered either positive, negative or a combination of both. And that statement is one of the reasons why being an educator is a worthwhile profession. To be able to leave a lifetime impression towards a student is one of the greatest rewards an educator can ever achieve.

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