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Published: 2020-01-08 13:12:31
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Cooked Product| Medium of Cooking| Cooking Method| Description| Sensorial Qualities| Grilled Pork Liempo| Air| Charcoal Grilling| The pork, after being marinated, is placed on a hot grill where it is cooked from the hot air caused by the heat source, coal. The pork is also cooked because of the heat transfer from the metal grill. | The pork becomes a dark brown color and is slightly chard in some areas (having grill marks); the meat is tender and easy to chew while the fat on the meat is greasy and moderately soft; the porks flavour is very developed due to the marinade.

It also has a smoky flavour which is caused by the charcoal. | Pork Sinigang| Water| Boiling| The pork is boiled in a pot of water for several minutes with onions and tomatoes and spices like tamarind and such. When the pork is thoroughly cooked, the vegetables are then added and allowed to cook as well. | The meat and the fat are very pale in color; the porks meat and fat are both very tender. The fat melts in your mouth and is very gelatinous; the pork has a less developed taste and much of the flavour is transferred to the broth of the Sinigang.

| Fried Pork Chop| Oil| Pan Frying| The pork is marinated and is then pan fried in a skillet with a fair amount of oil. The pork is first cooked on one side then is flipped over and cooked on the other. | The pork becomes golden brown; the skin clinging to the fat becomes crispy while the fat becomes soft and tender. The meat is often slightly tough; flavour is developed because frying lets the meats juices come out and because of the marinade. The taste of the pork is strong in the meat. | Savoury Pork Stew | Oil and Water| StewingSearing | The pork is first seared at high temperature for a few minutes.

After this, the pork is then cooked in a pot with water and other ingredients, like tomato paste and such, to let the meat tenderize, develop flavour, and stew. After the meat is completely cooked and when the water has reduced to a thick sauce, vegetables like potatoes and carrots are added to improve flavour. | The pork becomes a dark brown and is often coated in a thick sauce; the fat and the meat are very tender and easily break apart;the meat develops a lot of flavour due to the stewing process; a lot of the porks fat becomes rendered into the sauce of the stew.

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