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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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A. 1. 2.

Interview any leader on the subject of taking charge. Report what u have learned from the interview in the SDA report and in a 3-5 minute speech to cadets in your unit. See attachment one. I made my oral briefing to the Cyberpatriot team on the 19 of September 2013. Major Staple observed.

B. 1.

List five common uniform discrepancies and explain what the correct standard actually is. Reference the appropriate CAP regulation and paragraph. During many inspections I have noticed that cadet will space their insignia incorrectly. Even though in CAPM 39-1 it states that insignia is to be worn centered, 1inch from the bottom of the collar an parallel. Cadets that attend encampments tend to wear their wing patches lower than CAPM 39-1 one states. In CAPM 39-1 is says that the wing patch is to be worn 1/2inch and centered below the shoulder seam.


3. At special activities I notice cadets wearing Model Rocketry Patches on their BDUs. The cadets I have noticed wear them on the left breast pocket, but that is incorrect. The model rocketry patch is not a specialty an is to be worn on the right breast pocket. 4. During encampment I had noticed during inspection that some cadets had their squadron patches placed wrong
on the right breast pocket. Any patches placed on the breast pockets are to be worn completely centered on all sides if they are correct with CAPM 39-1.

5. During encampment staff selections I noticed that some cadets were wearing a silver star on their Goddard ribbon. I also knew this cadet had not been to a COS but had attended a RCLS. Although he did attend the RCLS, you must attend a COS in order to wear the star.

Part B: Narrative 1. What are the essential duties of the flight commander?

The flight commander is there to direct their flight in things such as: CAP uniform, military courtesy and discipline, drill, ceremonies and formations. They also need to be aware of their flight members testing, and any other situations that may appear with his/her flight. CAPP 52-14 is also something that flight commanders should understand and be up to date with. 2. How does the flight commander help the squadron fulfill its mission?

Flight Commanders are training the future leaders of the squadron. The flight commander is there to help an encourage all the cadets in their flight, whether it be in drill, uniform, or studying for a test. Flight commanders are what builds the squadron with out the flight commanders the squadron would be unable to thrive.


How do flight commanders affect cadets or the overall cadet program?

Flight commanders are one of the main things that a new cadet encounters, the others are flight sergeant an other basics. If a cadet has an understanding an personal flight commander the cadet may be more willing to listen to the person (flight commander) that they just met. Overall without the flight commanders the cadet program would have no one to educate cadets on the way of cadet life. 4. What leadership skills do flight commanders need most to succeed?

Leadership skills are a very important part of being a flight commander, without leadership there is no way to truly fulfill the needs of a flight commander. A flight commander needs to be able to understand an communicate with his/her cadets in order to teach them. The flight commander also needs to know when to delegate or be the one to take charge, if he/she doesnt delegate then there is no true need for the flight sergeant.

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