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Published: 2020-02-17 01:42:22
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Health and fitness project My fitness goal was to lose inches and get more in shape. I choose this goal because I was tired of being out of shape and gaining weight. Also because I want to join the air force after to high school, which involves a lot of training. So my main goal is to be more fit by eating healthier and exercising daily. I want to be able to challenge myself and feel good about my body. My steps before starting were I said I would drink green tea ever morning. Then I would eat three small healthy meals and snacks but every 2 hours. And then exercise and drink a protein shake after. So I started going to a fitness place called explossive fitness. At explosive fitness they have trainers that help motivate you and help you reach your goals. And I go Monday through Friday right after school.

The first week was challenging because I couldnt do most of the activities, for example I couldnt jump rope or do sit-ups. And I felt out of shape because I really sore but it made me feel good because I knew the workouts were working. Also a lady that works at explosive fitness measured my whole body and explained to me about my health. And I told her my goals, which is to get more in shape, lose inches and weight until I graduate from high school. She would also tell me what meals I should eat daily and basically told me what I could and could not eat. She would help motivate me because I didnt drink enough water. There is also two other trainers there that would tell me and the other group of people that attend there what exercises to do. We had a different workout everyday for an hour. The workouts were very challenging and every day and each day I would challenge myself by lifting more weights.

I logged what I ate and what exercises I did. My trainers would tell me to log my food every week also and show them what Ive been eating. They would tell me to eat more protein, so I started eating more meats and I would also drink green tea everyday because it helps your metabolism. It wasnt difficult for me to find motivation because my trainers would help motivate me when I worked out and they would send me txt every morning of motivational quotes. And so after the second week I felt a slight change in my body and I wasnt sore anymore. But later during the fourth and fifth week I would slack on the weekends. It was hard to eat good on the weekends for me because my family would want to go out to eat. Then later my parents noticed Ive been looking a little slimmer and it help motivate them. So they started exercising also by getting the insanity workout videos. And so I was a motivation for my family and that made me feel even better about myself.

The resources that I found that relates to my topic were,,, and I searched to lose inches and this cite basically says to exercise daily and eat smaller meals. But most importantly to do cardio workouts, which I do daily. And Ive notice that while Ive been working out and when I was going through my menstrual cycle, I didnt get any cramps. And I usually get the worse cramps. So then after the sixth week was over I was able to jump rope very well and do push-ups .I also started drinking green tea which I didnt like at first but now I love it! All in all after the six weeks was over Ive noticed my jeans were a little bit bigger, and I felt amazing. I got measured and I had lost 10 inches total on my whole body.

And I also lost five pounds of fat but then gained 3 pounds of muscle. I feel proud of myself because I accomplish my goal in this project. And I wouldnt have been able to accomplish this without xplossive fitness, and thats why I am going to continue going to xplossive fitness and eating healthier. All in all the process I went through was difficult at first but later I got used to it. And the most difficult part for me was eating the right things, because I didnt have time to make healthy meals. And I did find this project useful because it gave me more motivation. And I wanted to prove to my family and friends that I can accomplish my goal. I am not giving up until I get my fit dream body. I also learned while doing this project was not only for my grade but it is whats best for me. I enjoyed doing this project a lot and I am going to keep doing it until I go join the air force.

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