First People of Canada Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The purpose of the writer is to present his analysis of the present condition of the educational system of Canada which he regards as colonial education for the aborigines of Canada. He examined the manner in which the Indigenous education and epistemologies have been ignored and undermined and made recommendations on the revitalization of an education reflective of the needs and sentiments and culture of the Aboriginal Canada. The article is based on facts and not opinion.

The information given are well researched and are supported as the writer presented evidences that the present educational system has physically, spiritually and mentally destructive and disruptive components of colonial education (p. 3) The objective of the author is well achieved as his arguments are logical. His choice of language is effective for his intended audience is the general public especially the education sector who needs to do something about the colonial education.

The author discussed that the residential schooling and the Eurocentric schooling and the curriculum are not reflective of the culture of the Aborigines and were far different from the traditional education. The education then is colonial and beyond the experiences and the daily life of the Aborigines. It needs to be reformed. The author is successful in letting his audience understand his point because his illustrations why he takes the education of Canada as colonial are very effective.

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