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Published: 2020-02-05 13:01:37
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Fire protection systems can be categorized into two main streams: Detection Systems and Extinguishing Systems. However, the purpose behind them is prevention of injuries and minimal property damage. Keeping in mind the above, a study was conducted in Jefferson Lab, where both the types of fire protection systems are found. However, the most important point of notice is, there are technical staffs, and a good awareness of these fire protection systems. The Systems functional at Jefferson Lab are as follows: 1.

Manual Alarm Systems: This is a simple manual fire protection system, which sounds the alarm. The employee, the facility user, the subcontractor respond to this call and react according to the need of the hour 2. Suppression Systems: The Jefferson Lab is facilitated with automatic water sprinkler. The networks of these sprinklers are uniformly distributed throughout the structure along with individual sprinkler heads. 3. Fire Detection Systems: These systems are automatic electronic equipment that has sensors to detect fire early.

These detection systems have central panels to display the operational status, which are monitored by special people in charge. 4. Standpipe Systems: There are pipe systems permanently installed in Jefferson Lab. This manages in getting water with ease into the building, for the fire department. Either the pipes may be filled with water all the time or the valve turned on, during emergency. 5. Deluge Systems: Kitchen, some laboratory, highly hazardous area, and other enclosed areas are equipped with extinguishing systems. These systems are mainly operational automatically or manually.

It is always advisable that these range hoods are not tampered with and carefully monitored to check that discharge nozzle is clear. 6. Special Area Suppression Systems: Mostly computer and room for valuable records are protected by enhanced automatic extinguishing system. They contain agents that displace the normal atmosphere, which may asphyxiate and cause death. However, these systems have an in-built alarming system that alert the occupants giving them enough time to vacate the area. Conclusion: Key Points of Notice The important fire protection system may be categorized into:

Deluge system: Extinguishing systems for limited and high hazard area, with limited quantity extinguishing agent. Extinguishing agent: Systems using water, dry powder chemicals, carbon dioxide, or materials approved for fire extinguishing. Fire detection systems: Engineered system devices that automatically detects smoke and heat or any combustible circumstance and initiates alarm. Fire suppression system: A mechanical system of fire detection that initiates alarm and suppresses fire.

REFERENCES 1. http://www. jlab. org/ehs/manual/PDF/6930FireProtectionSystems. pdf

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