Feminist or Gender Discrimination Essay

Published: 2020-01-05 05:12:58
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Yes, of course feminist thinking is a facilitator in the field of woman and development because feminism is a movement a set of beliefs , that problematize gender inequality . feminist believe that women have been subordinated through mens greater power variously expressed in different areas. They value womens lives and concerns and work to improve womens status and development. Feminism that means feminist thinking is a facilitator as it begins with an acknowledgement of womens inequality oppression , subordination and need to change the situation and improve the quality of womens life .

It is also a movement against hieranchy , which goes the liberation of a sex , it contains the possibility of equal relations not only between women and men , but between men and men , women and women ,and even between adults and children ,(rowbotham,1985:214) To the widen implication of feminist thought is that it would eradicated domination and transform society . as it marks a commitment to recognizing society so that self-development of people can take place .

Feminism entails an ethical and political commitment provides a social theory through which to understand and explain womens lives and experiences . Feminism is useful in the field of women and development if we take into account feminist perspectives . According to feminist view that it aims to change a male dominated against society furthen see womens subordination as resulting to from gender norms ,rather than biological sex and aim to change these narms , they focus on equal opportunities for women and men . womens inequality is resulting from their inferior education .

Marxist feminist asserts that capitalism , the current form of class society ,perpetuates the subordination of women by enforcing their economical dependence on men . there for main tool of Marxist feminist is class straggle and revolution which will bring about new production relation and emancipation of women . Radical feminist insist that womens subordination primarily depends on partriarchy subordination is rooted in their biology ,that is their reproductive physiology hithout changing basic biological features emancipation was not possible . his implied that only a revolution in bio technology would change womens condition .

Eco-feminism is the social movement that regard the oppression of women and nature as interconnected . it focused on that the women are the victim of environment desaradation .feminist theorist have extended their analysis to consider the interconnections between sexism the domination of nature , and also racism and social inequality . consequently it is now better understand as a movement working against the interconnected oppression of gender, race , class, and nature.

If we go further extention of whether feminist thinking is a fecilitation or roadblock to woman and development . then can take emphasize on feminist methodology too. feminist methodology 1 feminist seek a methodology that will do the work of excavation that is shifting the focus of standard practice from mens concerns in order to reveal the location and perspective of all women . the aim of much feminist research has been to bring women in that is to find what has been ignored ,censored and suppressed and to reveal both the diversity of actual womens lives .

Feminist methodology have searched for practices that will minimize harm to women and limit negative consequences . this focuses not onl on women , welfare bt also practical research strategis drawing on the work of grass roots and professional womens organization . 3 feminists seek a methodology that will supported research of value to women , leading to social change or action beneficial to women. At last , after above all discussion we have come to the point that feminist thinking is ethical as well as useful in the development of women as modifying womens problem is the process of development.

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