Fear and Immensely Powerful Body Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In This Descriptive essay, I will be writing about the Monster Grendel, from the story of Beowulf. I will be giving details about him, while he is in action in a scene of the story, which will lead to my conclusion of why I believe he is a coward, a horrible monster, & above all, an obmination.

Prepared to spill the blood of unsuspecting, drunken warriors in their sleep, Grendel quickly broke doen the reinforced door to the Herot with great strength and viciousness. Grendels strides were expansive. With each step, the monsters huge, feet practically flew, one after the other. The floor seemed to be instantly displaced due to his impressive agility.

His eyes gleamed in the darkness, burned with a gruesome light. Before any of the soldiers had the chance to wake up, Grendel had killed on of them. Torn apart like soft bread, the corpse was drained and wholly devoured. The bounty before me is exquisite, a divine-delicacy, unkept and delightfully vulnerable Grendel speculated refering to his favorable luck.

Unbeknownst to Grendel, fate had a bad future arranged for the monster. Hardly satisfied with taking only one life, the demon walked on to his next vitcim. Laying before Grendel was the Geat called Beowulf. Without particular concern for the identity of his presumed meal, he thrusted his fiendish claws towards the laying man. His arm was instantaneously seized by Beowulf. Nowhere on Earth had Grendel met a man whose hands were harder.

Frozen in shock, Grendels sense was delayed. Once he realized the situation he was in, His mind flooded with fear. The horrible monster was crazy in his struggle for control. Never had Grendel shown such fear, had he ever known such fear. Grendel wished for nothing more but to escape.

Resisting the beast-among-men with every ounce of strength and determination in his immensely powerful body, but to no usefulness. Grendel weakened, his muscles had been thrashed, wounded, and completely exhausted of use. Beowulf, however, was far from failure. With his legendary grip tightening every moment, Grendels body began to submit to the boundless abuse delivered by the great Beowulf

With a tremendous crack, the endurance of that monster had been compromised entirely. Beowulf tore the arm from Grendel, along with a considerable portion of the corresponding torso. Grendel then fearfully scurried to the marsh which he afflicted with his presence. The despicable coward festered in both physical agony as well as emotional trauma.

As Grendel slowly faded from existence, the eternal darkness in-store wore away at his soul. His lifetime of fear and disgusting maliciousness had shaped an afterlife consisting of nothing. His soul was to be shed, Grendel then waited to end.

Grendel expierences the same ammount of fear when he battled with Beowulf, that humans feel when Grendel attacks. Grendels character is rather a cowardly, a vicious, & a horrible one. He attacks only at night & is very fearful during the battle with Beowulf.

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