Fast Changes in Technology- Excitement or Agony Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In 1859, Charles Darwin published his theory of natural selection in which he observed that finches adapted a different beak shape to be able to survive in their environment. Science and technology are our civilizations beak. A very good afternoon to everyone present here today. I, Shimona Agarwal, Of Scottish High International School, will be speaking today on the topic Fast changes in science and technology- excitement or agony and I am resolutely for the motion. As I am sure that most of you are aware, the global population is increasing at an alarming rate.

While just a mere 10 years ago, the world population was 6070 billion, it is now a complete 7 billion. This rate of growing population will become unsustainable in the near future unless science and technology are advanced. Advancements in science and technology have provided humankind with luxuries that have enabled them to live a safe and comfortable living. Only, and only through the rapid changes being made in science and technology, have we been able to increase the average life span of a human being. There are new medical breakthroughs occurring every day, and new innovations are helping mankind lead a safer living.

A particular idea that is fast advancing and can prove to be extremely useful is that of using EEG to put the brakes on a moving vehicle. This is a big deal because the normal reaction time for a person to apply the brakes is often too long to prevent an accident. However, by harnessing brain signals via electroencephalography (EEG), most accidents can be prevented. With further advancements, it will be soon possible for humankind to avoid death altogether. Stem Cell Heart Regeneration is such a field where science and technology is fast progressing and showing positive results.

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For the first time, a human heart has been created using stem cells, a major step forward in organ generation. Scientists used adult stem cells to create a living human heart that they hope will revolutionize transplants. If all goes as planned, the heart will continue to grow and eventually begin beating automatically. Advancements in science and technology are the only way to prevent the eventual collapse of our environment. As the climate changes and pollution increases, we are facing a potential decline of our environment. New advancements, however, are providing us with solutions to save our environment.

A recently discussed topic is Paperless Paper. For us stubborn paper lovers, there may soon be a product available that provides the look and feel of paper, with the advantages of a digital device. In fact, the technology is already available, though it hasnt yet translated into a marketable product. Its called electronic paper. Before long, the plastic shell of e-readers may not be needed and youll be able to handle paper. Another innovation which can prove highly helpful to our environmental problems is a space-based dust cloud which can be used to protect our Earths atmosphere.

Scottish scientists have proposed to use a giant space-based dust cloud, blasted off an asteroid, to shade the Earth from the sun. This dust-cloud could be large enough to block out 6. 58% of solar radiation that would normally reach the Earth. This would be more than enough to combat any current global warming trends. Waste disposal problems are posing a serious threat to our environment and ecosystem, and science and technology could eventually solve this problem too. Using Plasma Arcs for waste disposal is gaining momentum in the waste disposal industry.

Imagine harnessing the power of lightning to turn garbage into glass or into a gas that can be used as an energy source. The advantages include less garbage in landfills, less carbon from incineration, and creating a natural gas power resource. As I come to the end of my debate, I would just like everyone present here to truthfully acknowledge the fact, that without science and technology our lives are never complete. We need technology to advance for civilization to advance. At one point the wheel was the hottest piece of technology around.

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