Farewell to Arms Essay

Published: 2020-02-23 18:22:43
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The wonderful and fascinating book A Farewell to Arms by; Ernest Hemingway was write in a way that did not really stand out from the numerous of other book I read. However one of the distinctions the author made in this book is that he made the book interesting; unlike some of the other book about the topic of war. Even though the writing style of Ernest Hemingway did not stand out from the rest of the books I did like the book. I liked the book for many reasons but one of them is that in the book the reader never loses interest in reading the book.

For example the main character is always explaining some thing or the main character is always doing an activity but the activity does not really end and it keeps the readers on the edge of their seat trying to finally discover what the outcome of the activity will be. Another reason I looked the book is because it was about war and reader a persons viewpoint and his experience on war is very interesting because the everyday person does not experience the war scene and only the noble worthy people and the brave people go out and experience the war scene.

Moreover I learned a lot because I read A Farewell to Arms, for example I learned that the Italians were in war with the Austrians and that the battle field was mostly in the mountains. Furthermore I learned that there are priests serving in the military as active member. I even learned that if a person amputates their leg then the different doctors may have different view pints on how to fix the leg.

For example in the book the main character amputated his leg but one doctor said that it will take 6 months while the next doctor said that he can begin the operation in a matter of days. In the book A Farewell to Arms, there are many themes. One of the themes is that war is a horrible thing and that the innocent always seem to die while the people that start the war and the war itself is still alive in in full rage. The tone of the book is sad because it is about war and nothing about war and lose is worthy to the human mind.

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