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The guitar has been through several important events in the past. The websites found related to its history and famous manufacturers are shown below. The research contains descriptive discussion of the history and a list of the manufacturers that has given birth to the number of guitars alive today. The guitar is said to have originated in Spain and is structured differently back then. There have been changes in the way it looks and played considering that it has been through different countries in time. The list of manufacturers is long considering the great demand for the said instrument.

The online sites shown below are chosen because of the concise and credible information it presents. ¢ http://home. earthlink. net/~guitarandlute/gtrhstry. html ¢ http://www. weboshawa. com/music/guitar/brands. html Famous Performer With the fame gained by guitar, there have been several fans that have taken over the strings and played their own music. Among these are Carlos Santana, more famously known as Santana, and John Mayer. Carlos Santana is considered a legend being a composer himself and has been the person responsible for a lot of soundtracks in movies.

On the other hand, John Mayer has been famous for different songs. His name has been attached to the guitar and designs of guitars are also being produced similar to that of his. The bulk of information found in these sites makes these interesting online websites to learn more about these performers. ¢ http://www. imdb. com/name/nm0005396/ ¢ http://namm. harmony-central. com/SNAMM05/article/Fender/John-Mayer-sig-Strat. html Famous Composer Composers also abound the industry and among the greatest and well-celebrated of which include Ferdinando Carulli and Joaquin Rodrigo.

In classic guitar, the name of Ferdinando Carulli is very influential. Born in Italy, he has made his way to become the composer and performer of different songs. As for Joaquin Rodrigo, he has served as a great influence in the culture of Spain. At a very young age, he has already shown passion in music and learned fast and brilliantly to become one of the greatest guitar composers in Spain. Being one of the most active websites, those two found below are among the most credible sites for the composers.

Repertoire There are famous guitar pieces and among these include Allegro composed by Mauro Giuliani, Lagrima composed by Francisco Tarrega, Spanish Romance, Adeliata (Mazurka) composed by Francisco Tarrga, and Capricho Arabe composed by Francisco Tarrega. While it may be difficult to recall the most famous guitar pieces, the sites below are very helpful in providing information even though one is for commercial purposes. ¢ http://www.

emusic. com/album/Robert-Westaway-Twenty-Famous-Classical-Guitar-Pieces-MP3-Download/10970885. html ¢ http://www. encoremusic. com/guitar/1302645. html Famous Orchestras The Mesquite Symphony Orchestra plays songs from Scotland and Ireland. The orchestra plays on songs which came from the said country and continues to relive the culture of the countries. Another great orchestra is the Oregon Symphony which is based in Portland, Oregon. Its reputation is one of the best things that contribute to its fame as an orchestra.

The two websites below show relevant and important information regarding the orchestra and how they place their group in the music industry.

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