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Published: 2020-01-17 02:31:18
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CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS| WEIGHT| MERCURY DRUG STORE| THE GENERICS PHARMACY| ROSE PHARMACY| GENERIKA DRUGSTORE| | | Ranking| Weighted Score| Ranking| Weighted Score| Ranking| Weighted Score| Ranking| Weighted Score| Price| .40| 1| .40| 1| .40| 2| .80| 1| .40|

Accessibility/Location| .15| 2| .30| 2| .30| 3| .45| 1| .15| Good quality drugs, goods and products| .30| 1| .30| 2| .60| 1| .30| 2| .60| Availability of Medicines| .20| 2| .40| 3| .60| 3| .60| 3| .60| Speed of service| .10| 3| .30| 2| .20| 4| .40| 2| .20| TOTAL| 1.0| 1.7| 2.1| 2.55| 1.95|


The table above shows the Competitive Profile Matrix of Mercury Drug Store including the Critical Success Factors of it enumerate as the Price, Accessibility/Location, Good quality drugs, Availability of Medicines and Speed of service. First, determine the weight of each factor or item, after determining the weight, sum it all and the total should be 1.0. Next step, rank the items from 1-4, 1 indicates best, 2-better, 3-fair and 4-poor. Get the weighted score by multiplying the rank of each item to its weight; sum it up to get the average. Ranking:

1st- Mercury Drug Store
2nd- Generika Drugstore
3rd- The Generics Pharmacy
4th- Rose Pharmacy
Mercury Drug Store ranked as the 1st , got an average of 1.7, Generika Drugstore as the 2nd, with an average weighted score of 1.95, meanwhile, The Generics Pharmacy as the 3rd place with a weighted score of 2.1and lastly, Rose Pharmacy as the 4th place with a weighted score of 2.55, respectively.

SWOT of Mercury Drug Store

1. Good quality drugs and products 2. Availability of technology 3.
Sells wide array of goods and products such as beauty and personal care products 4. | 1. Availability of medicines 2. Sometimes, they are unable to provide high speed of service. 3. Irregular supplies| OPPORTUNITIES| THREATS|

1. Expansion 2. Number of interested applicants who want to franchise mercury drug increases. 3. Favorable government policy or support| 1. Uncontrollable new entrants 2. Expectation of unfavorable government laws such as taxes 3. Shortage of available supplies at a given time

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