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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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In this essay I will evaluate each document from Harrow College Application Pack, it will include information that applicants will need to know before they applied for the job. Inside the pack, it includes welcome letter from the principal, the curriculum of Harrow College, Organization chart, policy statement, travel policy, how to fill in an application form, job description, and person specification.

In the application pack, a welcome letter from the principal of Harrow College will help recruitment because the letter is written by the principal it will set the standard and it attracts applicants and also it will make a good impression to applicants knowing the principal welcoming them to apply to Harrow College even though the principal is not saying it in person but it will make the applicant more welcoming and comfortable with the College. Secondly, the letter said Harrow College now ranks as the top FE College in West London and Hertfordshire, this will make applicants be more interested about the job role because they want to be part of Harrow College success and want to be part of that reputation.

Harrow College can improve their welcoming letter by making the applicant feel more welcoming, instead of the principal saying thank you to applicant for applying, the principal should also include staff in Harrow College, that way applicants will feel the support of everyone in Harrow College. The letter also should include some background information of Harrow College and what kind of achievements Harrow College had to attract applicants. I think the letter from the principal is important because it will show a good sign that the college is welcoming and tells the applicant small information about Harrow College.

The curriculum letter will help recruitment because it shows what subjects are majored in Harrow College; it will give a chance for applicants to see what other subjects they can apply for if in the future Harrow College have any vacancies. In the curriculum letter, it has background information about Harrow it will benefit the applicant because if the applicant doesnt live local, they can find out about Harrow area.

The organization chart will help recruitment because it will help applicants know who does what and who to report to, it shows Harrow College that they are a well-organized college, also it will allow the applicant to know there are people in different department doing different task. This document also helps me when I was recruiting in John Lewis because by knowing who is the CEO of the company and who is my manager in the organisation chart, it will help me in the future that if I have any problem I know who to report to.

The equality and diversity policy statement will help recruitment because it will encourage applicants with different background to apply for the role, it will give a good impression to applicants that Harrow College dont care where the applicants are from. Harrow College can improve their equality letter by showing figures of different background of staff in Harrow College because even though the letter tells applicants they accept anyone no matter where they from but some applicants would like to see the figures of different race and sex to know Harrow College is committed to equality and diversity.

How to fill in an application form will help recruitment because is a step by step instructions of filling in an application form for applicants, that way applicants wouldnt make any mistake or miss a section out, it will benefit for Harrow College because if the applicant make a mistake in the application form, employers from Harrow College can straight away not read the rest of the application form because employers might think if the applicant cant follow simple instructions from the application pack then they cant follow instructions when they are employed.

Job description will help in recruitment because it sets out the main purpose of the job; it shows where the job is fitted in the organization structure, and the main responsible of the job and the type of task they will need to perform, putting the right information on job description is important because if Harrow College didnt include detailed information on teaching and related activities and general duties, then when they have recruited the applicant, the applicant might not have any experience as a lecturer, they might not be flexible e.g.: travelling to two Harrow College Campuses, to act as a personal tutor to students.

If those details werent included in job description, then the college would be hiring someone who have no qualifications and experience and that will cause Harrow College time and money because they would have to train the applicant or hire someone again. The changes that I would make is to improve their job description is to include how many hours the applicant will need to work, is important to put that information in the job description because applicant would want to know how many hours they need to work furthermore some applicant might have a family that they need to look after or pick up their children so if Harrow College would want the applicant work long hours during the week then some applicant cant apply because of their personal problem.

Person specification will help in recruitment because it gives information to the applicant what qualifications and experience is needed if they want to apply for the job, also Harrow College has designed well information of person specification, it included a lot if skills, different qualifications, and it specify on equality and diversity because selecting the right business lecturer is important for Harrow College, if they hire someone who hasnt got any experience or the right qualifications then the lecturer wont be teaching right to the students then it would mean Harrow College have to waste money again to recruit another lecturer again in addition to students would fail their exam which will cause Harrow College successs rate to drop.

The changes I would make to prove their person specification is to include the location of the job the reason for that is because applicant might want to know which campuses they will be teaching in and by putting the location applicant can decide whether they want to apply because if Harrow College would want the applicant to work in both campuses then applicant cant apply because they might not want to travel to two campuses. Also Harrow College can include another column in the person specification e.g.: essential and desirable the reason for putting another column is because in the person specification it tells the applicant what skills are needed and what Harrow College is looking for but if they made it clear by putting skills into two column then it would made it more clear and organize for the applicant.

The advantage of Harrow College using their own application forms instead accepting CV because in an application form Harrow College can set as many question as they like and what type of questions they would to like to know from the applicant also they have set a limited space in the form so they would expect applicant to write only important information instead of applicant writing unnecessary information in there which will make employers not bothered to read the rest of the application form because it will make employers feel that applicants didnt follow the instructions by reading the questions and putting relevant answers in the form.

Secondly, if Harrow College accept CV instead of application form, it will waste a lot of time and money for employers to read and compare each CV instead employers can use that time to do other things e.g.: mark students work and teach furthermore because each CV have different layouts with different information it will make employers much more harder to choose the right candidate that will be suitable for the job. Thirdly, employers can already tell if the applicants is a organize person or not by their writing and also their grammar, if the applicant grammar is poor which shows a really bad impression to the employers because the job role is lecturer and if their grammar is poor that will make employers in Harrow College consider that they cant teach properly and if they hire that applicant then the applicant wouldnt mark the students work properly.

In my opinion, every document in the application pack is important. If one document is missing in the application pack, the company wont hire the right applicant but overall I think the most important document is job advert and person specification because without job advert, no one would know about the job, applicant wouldnt know how to apply for the job and what the job is about, also job adverts are very expensive whether the business is small or big. At the end of the day, the businesses still need to pay. Often job adverts are in short detail but the advert highlights the knowledge, skills and experience that each individuals are require within each advert.

Job adverts would never change because of the job role because it would always tells the summary of the job, the location and how to apply so it wouldnt make any difference with any job role but whereas person specification with different job role it would include different information depending how important the job role is e.g.: in the application pack, Harrow College is hiring Business Lecturer, therefore person specification would have a lot of information that they would require from a applicant but if Harrow College want to recruit a reprographics assistant, the person specification wouldnt have much responsibilities as a business lecturer so when applicant read the person specification it wont have a lot of requirements as the business lecturer person specification.

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