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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Even though Henry des not hold the typical conations of the hero, he acts as the central leader within the film that establishes when he is wrong and undermines a change in the plot of the film to make things better. From the start it is evident that Henry does hold a soft side (the problem with you is that your too goddamn soft, were gonna have to toughen him up establishing this fact). Throughout the film though he leads the typical conations of a gangster smart suits, expensive cars, smokes cigars, large house.

But he completes the dirty work for Jimmy by threatening or warning clients to pay their bills. He has the American/Italian deep accent, which again is another icon of gangsters. He also acts as a player, sleeping behind his wife back and setting up his girlfriend with a house near his own so its easier to access, which is another notorious attribute to his character but is a ritual that is completed by all the people within their crew.

He is the one that the audience builds intimacy with due to the fact that we gain insight into his mind through him narrating the plot to us as well as the story revolving around his actions. Robert De Niro who is already a clichi?? in gangster films plays Jimmy who is a suave and sophisticated character. He has a cooler persona within his character due to the fact that he instructs Henry as well as works with him. He has a fiery temperament, which scares people, which is how he gets respect, which leads into power over other people.

We also observe that he is a generous character within his crew, providing money and tips to everyone he meets showing how he enjoys flaunting his money to portray himself as being a big shot. Tommy grows up and learns alongside Henry. However he is more temperamental then Henry and takes things to heart. He also takes things to the extreme and if he does not like something the only way to resolve things is to kill. For example he shot a waiter in the foot for not giving him his drink showing the irrationality of his character.

He though is the joker of the three, frequently making jokes with his other colleagues and is the only one that holds the potential of being made into a wise guy. We also see his relationship with his mother, and observe how he only uses her when he needs something and rarely listens to what she says. His shows how he has more respect for his crew as opposed to his family highlighting the fact that his crew are the most important thing in his life.

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