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Published: 2020-02-16 00:31:46
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1.1 Being an establish company in the region requires the employees to pour in all their efforts in order to for the company to maintain and upgrade its performance in the market. For many years Rare Enterprise has produces to many famous products that make consumer look forward every time the company produces new product in the market. The success of the company produces relies on everybody shoulder from the lowest level to the top level of management as each of them has his/her on responsibilities in ensuring the targets are well achieved. The expectations and the demands are too high as these may direct the employees to unexpected illness.

This proposal is for sell the multiple use table. It to produces new product in market to make company always up to date and make competition with other company. The company needs to invest approximately RM200 000 for the overall set up of the multiple use table with the monthly expenditure RM15 000.



Rare Enterprise is a company that produces product that easy to use.

Our objectives are:
1) To help customer to manage their life.
Our product is simple use and has a lot of functions.
2) Give a different idea and uniqueness in every product that will be produce. Our designer can generate creative and unique idea.
3) Bring Malaysia to world-wide.
We will commercial our product to world-wide.

Mission and Vision
1.5 Companys Mission

RARE Enterprise willingly provided a product for people especially youth generation to manage their life. We believe that everybody has their own idea that can be shown to the world. Thus, with their own originality, they can show it in our company as employees. Everybody loves selling and buying. So we are using this way to talk with people all around the world. Our mission is to create a product that can make people life more easier, reduce time and more comfortable.

1.6 Companys Vision

Within this coming ten years, RARE Enterprise will be at Paris, New York, Mesir, Chicago and Yemen to produce our product. We will maintain our quality of product and creativity itself. We are going to born a company that will be well known as international company. We are aiming to commercial our product with international company. Create employees of production to develop our skills so that our product is produce based on interest of society and circulation of time. RARE Enterprise will make sure that our product of is high of quality and satisfied our customer.

3.1 The Vision of Product

To make sure our product to be well known after we made the commercial. And we are targeting all school in Malaysia will use our product.

3.2 Aim of the proposed product
Aim of the proposed product is to address:
To address customers need
To address company objective
To achieve increased sales
To add value in use of an item
Taking care of business survival
To meet the domestic market and abroad
Increasing prosperity
To expanding the field effort


How we are going to let people know about our product is by publicity in local press, radio, television, personal recommendation and endorsement. By the way in every company there have a competition with others company that sell the same product like our company. Of course there have any customer demand for this type of product because many customer are complaining about other product that almost same with us that difficult to use. So we decide to fulfil the customer demand about our product. In our company, when we produce a product we mostly focused to youth generation.

So it same like our target market because youth generation always up to date and need something that easy to use. We distribute and sell the product like we sell it in shopping mall, delivery and in our shop. We are chosen promotional medium such as TV commercial, leaflet and billboard. We are chosen that promotional medium because nowadays people always spent time with their family at home while watching dramas on television. So they can watch the commercial also. Then, sometimes they go to any place and can see the big billboard on the road while they are driving.

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