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Published: 2020-01-23 22:30:34
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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the decreasing number of whales and the reasons why they are hunted down. Central Idea: Whales are declining in numbers as there are commercial reasons that explain why they are hunted down: their blubber, meat and bones.


I. Whale Wars. A. Ever heard of it? B. If you havent, it is a documentary about a group of very brave and concerned conservationists called The Sea Shepherd who literally have wars with a Japanese whaling ship. C. But why do they do it? Why do they put themselves in danger to fight against a gigantic ship equipped with harpoons when all they have are gas grenades?

II. Their concern is towards the killing of whales at a large scale by the Japanese ship called Nishin-Maru. A. The Japanese managed to win votes at the 2006 IWC conference declaring the Moratorium on Commercial Whaling unnecessary and blamed the whales for depleting fish stock. B. Following their win, they have expanded their whaling efforts to kill in the Atlantic, doubling their normal kills.

III. From the opportunity that I have gained by watching this documentary and little research that I have done, I was able to see clearly how much damage that we humans have caused.

IV. Today, I would like for all of you to say the same once you have seen the numbers of whales that are declining and why they are hunted down. (Transition: I would like to begin with the downfall of these mighty giants)


I. Whales continue to decline in numbers and there are reasons why they are hunted down. A. The Japanese exploits a loophole in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) 1. Despite the banning whaling, they have killed more than 17,000 whales for their so called scientific research. a. What were once 220,000 of them, the number of Blue Whales has now been reduced to only 3000 worldwide. b. The common species of Minke Whales being the smallest of all kind were targeted only after the larger species became rare are estimated about 250,000 left worldwide despite Japanese claims of close to a million.

B. Whales continue to be killed largely for their blubber, meat and bones to satisfy human desires. 1. This includes whale oil, which is obtained from the blubber used as a cheap illuminate, giving off a strong odour when burnt and was therefore replaced with cheaper, efficient kerosene. a. However, whale oil is still extracted by the Intuits of North America as they are granted special whaling rights by IWC. b. Whale oil is also used to make margarine and in cars as an automatic transmission fluid until it was banned by Endangered Species Act. 2. Whale meat is also sold in many 1st class Japanese Restaurants for top dollar as it is said to be exclusive. a. However, research has shown that 75% of Japans whale meat goes unsold. b. A newspaper poll found that only 4% of Japanese regularly eat whale meat. 3. The bones of whales are also used to make various types of clothing including womens corset and other type of items such as umbrellas and fishing rods which are all made from the plates of Baleen Whales.


I. I sincerely hope that you understand the damage that we humans can and have caused. II. Needless to say, the number of whales are rapidly decreasing and now you know why, shall we not make an effort in saving these creatures? III. Thats all from me, thank you.

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