Evolution vs Creationism Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Many people have their different opinions on how the world came to be. In some cases, people think that the world came to existence from what we call The Big Bang Theory, and others think it was The Almighty God that created the world. I will begin to explain what each is, the origin they came from and their evidence to support their own explanation of how the world was created.

What is evolution? Well, evolution can be a difficult concept for people to come to terms with, especially if they do not have much experience with life sciences. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of people who do not understand any of it with many of these people tries to criticize evolution while promoting creationism. Evolution is not a minor matter; it is, in fact, the cornerstone of all modern biology. What is creationism? Like evolution, creationism can have more than one meaning. At its most basic, creationism is the belief that the universe was created by The Almighty God. In some cases, it even is stated that creationism is someone who believes in a god who is absolute creator of heaven and earth, out of nothing, by an act of free will.

Many might say that the origins of the evolution came to terms that the universe, with all it contains (space, time, matter and energy) exploded from nothing which is considered The Big Bang, and is the accepted theory among the majority of evolutionists. Evolution is a very unique science. Unlike the origin of creationism, were people believe that it came from The Almighty God. This generally means the taking of the Bible, particularly the early chapters of Genesis, as literally true guides to the history of the universe and to the history of life, including us humans, down here on earth. In a way, creationism is more of a restricted sense of a variety of beliefs that people have in this century and previous ones as well.

The evidence that support these findings is very different in many aspects. People say that with evolution, the evidence is very visible. For example, there is biochemical evidence, genetic evidence, and also fossil evidence for how evolution came about. But in creationism, there isnt any evidence to support it whatsoever. Understanding evolution over creationism is greatly aided by a better understanding of what kinds of evidence exist out there as well as how and why all the evidence clearly supports evolutionary theory but not creationist religion.

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