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Published: 2020-02-04 03:21:49
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This paper will outline a high-level evaluation plan for first years class in business management course. The objectives of the course are that; by the end of the course students be able to; (1) demonstrate understanding of the world of business management and the challenges faced by managers in the course of carrying out their administrative duties; (2) describe the various functions of management and their application to the success of an organization; (3) demonstrate possession of various management skills and methods for future managerial responsibilities

A successful process of learning is subject to a number of stages which are systematically executed in order to provide for the full needs of the learners, for instance the whole process needs to be evaluated in order to test whether the methods applied in instruction giving are relevant to the needs of the learners and whether the learners themselves are making progress relative to the curriculum content areas. A complete evaluation plan involves formative and summative evaluations both which test differently various aspects of the learning process.

[Tovey, 1997] Formative Evaluation Plan In formative evaluation the main objectives are bent on strengthening and ensuring that the goals of the instruction are actually being achieved and if need be, to improve on weak areas. My formative evaluation process will be done on a one-on-one basis whereby the teacher will employ various assessment instruments to collect firsthand response about the impact of the instructional process to the learners relative to the course objectives.

In order to achieve this, the teacher will make use of continuous evaluation tests that will seek to examine all aspects of the instructional process, from materials used in the instruction giving, to methodologies used to pass the instructions, to assessment methods, and the preparedness of the learners. [Tovey, 1997] The objectives to this course (business management) are designed to impart learners with knowledge, skills, and practical experience that will enable them to understand simple business operations.

Therefore from a formative point of view the evaluation will assume the following format; (1) first, the specific needs of the learners will be assessed in order to come up with a clear picture on the learners needs variance and how the needs variance can be addressed to the optimum; (2) the viability of the evaluation will be assessed in order to determine the most appropriate assessment tools and instruments to be used and the best times for carrying out the assessments; and (3) the implementation of the instructional process will be evaluated with view of investigating the validity and reliability of the various methodologies employed.

From the course objectives it is clear that the learners are expected to demonstrate a great deal of practical knowledge and skills at the end of the course, as such therefore it calls for assessment procedures that are bent on testing such skills.

Therefore as part of the formative assessment, the following will be included; (1) individual learners will be subjected to series of oral questions which will be used to diagnose their strong and weak areas in regards to the course content; (2) written continuous assessment tests will be administered regularly on individual learners throughout the course of learning, these will offer tangible data on the weak and strong areas of the course content; (3) class projects will also be given to various mixed ability groups of learners, with the main aim of providing an alternative method of instruction giving.

Complex areas of the course content will be tested using this method; (4) learners preparedness to receive instructions will also be assessed through regular class attendance registers, and; (5) individual class presentations will be conducted in class whereby learners will be required to present in front of the rest of the learners a sub-topic already covered with the teacher.

The assessment instruments included here help to bring out the variance between assessment and evaluation elements of my plan in that, the assessment is concerned on the progress and achievement of the learners while the evaluation majors on the whole learning process. [Tovey, 1997]

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