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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Euthanasia is used as a last resort to end the life of a patient with little or no potential for quality of life. There are three types of euthanasia. The first is voluntary euthanasia which is legal in some countries such as Switzerland , as well as in the states of Oregon and Washington in the United States. It is possible to perform euthanasia only with the consent of the patient. The second form of euthanasia is non-voluntary and is illegal in all countries. However, it could be carried out in a situation where patients are not capable of making a choice. In the Netherlands, physicians usually can pass prosecution when non-voluntary euthanasia is being considered for an infant, though they are guided by well described and strict conditions. Involuntary euthanasia may be conducted against the will of a patient. This type of euthanasia is divided into two catagories known as passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia usually withholds or stops preserving treatments necessary for the continuation of life. Active euthanasia entails the use of lethal injection by assistance. This is considered murder by many people and has undergone much debate.

Though most countries prohibit performing euthanasia, a few countries do allow doctors to carry out euthanasia to patients. For example, the Netherlands is a primary country ,which in the year 2001, passed a bill allowing the performance of euthanasia . In turn , Belgium, Switzerland, and Columbia followed with their consent to also allow euthanasia for patients. In 2004 , France passed an end of life bill allowing patients to request an end to further treatment when there is no chance of recovery. In Britain, people continue to debate. Because most countries still forbid the use of euthanasia, some patients opting for this choice, have chosen to move or visit those countries which do allow it. If the reasons for the move is known ahead of time, the patient may be blocked from moving or visiting. In my opinion, it is not good to perform euthanasia in only some countries.

There are people, including myself, who support euthanasia because we believe that every human being has the right to decide if they want to live their life or not. If patients are suffering with great pain which they can no longer tolerate, it is their choice to endure or give up. It is more important to have quality in a shorter life filled with happiness and pleasure, then to live a longer life with no pleasure. To finish their life through their own decision is better than to extend their life with nothing.

Though some people think euthanasia is used as a method to end life, on the other hand it may be able to extend life through organ donation. We have to raise new thoughts for euthanasia. People need to overcome their prejudice and be converted to the thought that ceuthanasia steals life into euthanasia can save life.

The people who oppose euthanasia say for whatever reasons, euthanasia is murder. How can it be legal to kill people? If governments permit the practice of euthanasia, it might be abused and used as a method to murder someone. And the human life will be treated as worthless. The human life is of great worth and the use of euthanasia would make it worthless. Whenever patients think they want to die, people around them may incite them to think they are worthless and encourage them to commit suicide. Even, their family may tell patients we are suffering because of you then patients would feel guilty. Doctor or assistance who injects lethal medicine to patients can feel guilty. They may think of themselves as murderers. Then new suicide may be caused or they would treat life of human as worthless and then cause new crime. Also if euthanasia continues, abuse may occur. A patients family even might abuse in favour of euthanasia because of economical loss and the loss of property.

In the BBC news, when people undergo euthanasia, they just pay 5 pounds. However , the cost of staying in a hospital for one week is 500 pounds as they wait to see if their patients will better or recover from the disease they might have. It is very ineffective. The families experience great financial loss. For example, if a patient was in hospital for 2 years, their family would get experience about a 2 of 2 48000 price, the pound patients loss. may The family want to can die get without extremely any pain stressed. comfortably. Even though The possibility life cannot for compare patients with with any a condition which they will not recover from to have access to euthanasia is rare, which means almost all patients in this situation have to endure their pain until they finish their lives.

Jack Kevorkian was a pathologist, and euthanasia activist etc. He was famous for having said dying is not a crime. He insisted that euthanasia is one of the methods of prescription against executive. Kevorkian advocated harvesting the organs from inmates after the death penalty was carried out for transplant into sick patients. Once, Kevorkian was successful to transfer blood from corpses brought from hospital into the bodies of hospital staff members. He proposed that US military might to be interested in using this skill for wounded soldiers.

However, executive and almost universities opposed to perform euthanasia. Kevorkian failed to gain the cooperation of prison officials. Finally his medical license was revoked by Michigan. Actually Kevorkian assisted some patients to suicide. He tried several times but twice of those was convicted and rests of them were acquitted. After he released from prison, he didnt insist on legality of euthanasia. At that time in U.S. euthanasia was illegal. Jack Kevorkian could insist that euthanasia should be legal but this situation but he should not assist patients to carry out it. He committed crime like murder in the law. He needed more support for his insist and solution about problems when euthanasia permit.

Although there are a lot of opinions about this topic, people need to break bias and see new view in the patient point.

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