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Published: 2020-02-22 13:11:15
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A holographic fabric printer has been developed by AIC(Advanced International Corporation) and is considering the option of exporting it to India. The research paper is aimed at performing an analysis of the situation to determine whether such an idea will bear fruits or not. The social situation, the political situation, the location, scenario, the future business prospects and the general textile industry statistics are performed to assist in the implementation of the idea. It is on the basis of this information that a hypothesis has been made.

AIC is basically concerned with the manufacture and development of machinery and parts for industries such as printing firms, toy manufacturering not excluding the fabric industry. The printing part includes; posters, large wallpapers, and large billboards for companies advertisement. The company has developed a new tool that enables the printing of holographic images on fabrics.

The new tool is not only meant for commercial advertising purposes but also could be utilized in the modern clothing industry. AIC is looking to export the printing tool to India and some of the Asians countries because the Central and Eastern Asian countries are the biggest exporters of raw and ready made fabric. It is therefore the aim of this research paper to make a thorough analysis of the situation and come up with a suggestion or conclusion on whether the project will be viable and whether it will be profitable for AIC to go ahead and export the tool to textile industries in India.

From previous statistics carried out by India itself and other interested bodies it is clear that Indias exports are slightly lower than what they expect. If this tool is introduced to India, it might be a success in increasing the market for Indias textile exports. It is therefore important to find out this fact with the aim of giving the relevant conclusion.

The research will look at the percentage of textile products exported by India to various countries of the world, Indias annual industrial production and also the demand of various textile products by the mentioned counties. This will help in giving out a rough idea of what to expect by the year 2010 and whether the project should be put in place. Recommendations and conclusions will be made and leave it at the discretion of AIC.

Basing on the studies performed and the data collected, it will be a good idea to export the holographic fabric printer to India as she is a growing market with sufficient demand , opportunities of trade as well as a potential future region in terms of textile production and exportation. This trade agreement between India and AIC would be one of the opportunities aimed at boosting the profits and business relations for both of them.           The viability of the project will be tested using the Simple Correlation method.

This method will be used as it compares the relationship between two variable in a much simpler way as compared to other methods. When using this method, the study will be statistically significant if the outcome is either; higher than or equal to 0.7 (0.8) to 1.0; or lower than or equal to -0.7 (-0.8) to -1.0.

The AICs project manager requires an analysis of the situation on the exportation of the new holographic printers to India. The paper therefore aims at determining whether such an endeavor will be beneficial or not in the long run. India on the other hand, is looking forward to boosting its textile exports all over the world and has a target of about 8% by the year 2010. India has a current share of approximately 4% to 5% of the total world textile export. After agriculture, textile is the second largest sector in India and it provides a lot of  export revenue and a substantial GDP of the country.

Technological breakthroughs as a tool will help in the improvement of this sector and thus give India the edge to improve on its trade standing internationally. Advanced International Corporation therefore, is aiming for a fruitful result from the move and is looking for its new development which is the holographic fabric printer.

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