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Published: 2020-02-06 17:52:09
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The end of the 18th century the idea of democracy rose in Europe. This idea makes appear a literary and artistic movement known as Romanticism that refers to the philosophy prevalent during the first third of the 19th century. This movement rejects the logic and reason inherent to the Enlightenment. The Romantics encouraged spontaneous and emotional responses to explore and describe the immeasurable aspects of the nature and peoples relationship to it. They valued imagination over reason, emotion over logic and heart than head.

In this period appeared two highly sensitive poets whose work introduced the Romantic Age. They are Wiliam Blake and Wiliam Wordsworth. Their poems are characteristic of this movement in the way that both of them seek nature to find the real value of life. Whereas poets of the Age of the Reason had been poets of the city, Blake and Wordsworth were the poets of the lost Garden, for them, nature brings man peace and consolation.

Second Composition

What were Jane Austens main concerns in her novels? Discuss her views on marriage. Jane Austen was one of the novelists who created a vivid picture about the countryside of England in the 19th century. She wrote six novels and all they have a common plot: they are set in a country village, her main characters are a witty heroine and an aristocratic young hero and it ends in marriage. For the writer, and the upper-middle class society of that period, the marriage is less a result of sexual needs and passion. Its based on an economic security or a joining of characters who are moral and intellectual equals.

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