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Published: 2019-11-05 19:51:16
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Distinctive voices are used create meaning and change which explores aspects of human experiences. The texts examined are Severn Cullis Suzuki, 9th Earl Spencers Eulogy for Princess Diana and Pink, Dear Mr President. The voices in these text include and environmental activist, voice of the innocent, grieving brother, everyman, lobbyist and remonstrator. All these voices have the ability to change societies view on an issue. The composers of these texts have had human experiences of grief, concern of the environment and concern for social equality.

The distinctive voice of an environmental activist, innocence and remonstrator is expressed in Severn Cullis Suzuki Earth Summit. These voices portray the human experiences of having a concern of the environment, being part of a lobby group and seeing the destruction of the earth and wanted an end to poverty. Introduction and purpose, Im Servern Cullis speaking for ECO- The Environmental Childrens Organisation shows the distinctive voice of an activist exploring Suzukis human experience as the founder of ECO. Comparison, In Canada, we live the privileged life¦

Two days ago here in Brazil, we were shocked when we spent time with kids living on the streets, clearly shows the difference between countries and seeing this, Suzuki has developed the voice of innocence exploring the human experience of Suzuki wanting a world without poverty. The voice of a remonstrator is developed, through the pleading tone, If you dont know how to fix it, please stop breaking it! . Severn Cullis blames the adults for this destruction of the earth that she has experienced. She wants the adults to change their ways.

This remonstrating voice explores the human experience of being a part of a lobby. Exclusive language gives the adults a goal through the use of the cliche, I challenge you please make your actions reflect your words, which demands the adults to change their ways portraying the remonstrator. The voices throughout this text effectively represent the human experiences, demanding the audience to change their actions towards the environment for which Suzuki has seen the destruction of. Similarly, the voice of the remonstrator is evident in 9th Earl Spencer, Eulogy for Princess Diana.

Both texts have the voice of a remonstrator as they plea to an issue both composers have experienced. The voice of a grieving brother, everyman and remonstrator explores aspects of human experiences for 9th Earl Spencer. These voices explore the human experience of grief. The voice of a grieving brother is portrayed through the use of emotive language, I stand before you today, the representative of a family in grief, showing the human experience of Earl Spencer as the young brother of Princess Diana.

Earl Spencer, acknowledges the great life of Princess Diana which creates a sense of sadness for the audience as they listen in silence, through the allusion, metaphor and allusion, Today is our chance to say thank you for the way your brightened our lives, even though God granted you but a half a life. The voice of an everyman speaks for the entire world. Inclusive language and metaphor, We are all chewed up with sadness at loss of a woman who wasnt even our mother, shows the importance of Princess Diana, that the whole world is deeply saddened by her death.

This explores the aspect of a human experience, of the entire world that are in grief and shock after Dianas death. The voice of a remonstrator explores the human experience of Princess Diana being chased by the media. Earl Spencer speaks of the media as being the cause if her death. She never understood why her genuinely good intentions were sneered at by the media, creates the voice of the remonstrator which explores Earls experience of Diana and how she felt towards the media. The voice of the remonstrator is also conveyed in Severn Cullis Suzukis speech which demand a change and creates emotion.

The voice of citizen, the voice of society and remonstrator explore aspects of human experiences in Dear President. These voices which are present in the song represent human experience of seeing the president not doing his job and the rights of people being taken away. Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away, creates imagery of the bombs and house expressing the voice of a citizen that effectively explores the human experience of a concerned citizen as Pink sees the struggle that American citizens endured in their life.

The American citizen voice effectively represents the human experiences, as the responder is able to emphasize on societies hardships that Pink has seen. What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street? , creates the voice of society through rhetorical question and imagery, portraying the negative human experience of Pink, as she has seen many citizens living on the streets. Pink questions the president which emotively appeals to the audience as they reflect on the Presidents job. Formal register, Come take a walk with me is an invitation for the president to listen to Pinks opinions creating the oice of a remonstrator.

Lets pretend were just two people and youre not better than me, shows the human experience of Pink and how she feels inequality as the President sees himself as better than society. Pink pleads her opinions to the President through rhetorical questions creating a remonstrating voice. This voice asks the audience to consider the President and what he has done. Dear Mr President, Severn Cullis Suzuki Earth Summit and 9th Earl Spencer Eulogy for Princess Diana have the voice of a remonstrator, which appeals to the audience emotively as it changes their view on an issue.

These texts reveal the human experiences of grief, concern of the environment and concern for society through the voices of an environmental activist, the innocent, grieving brother, everyman, citizen, society and remonstrator. The composers have effectively used language to create distinctive voices including emotive language which explores human experiences of the composer and creates meaning for the responder. Distinctive voices are important in representing human experiences as the voice has the ability to demand change and a view on an issue.

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