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Rudolf Diesel resided in Paris and was born in 1858. Munich Polytechnic was the school that enhanced his capabilities. Diesel was interested at engine design. Rudolf was recognized in engine designs; Engines like the solar powered air engine was one of his recognizable inventions. He also known to as to publish articles about an engine with combustion within a cylinder; it was soon known as the internal combustion engine. In 1894, he patented his so called diesel engine. The engine invented by Diesel was known to be the first that can ignite the fuel without spark.

The first operation of the engine was in 1897 and it was said to be successful. The internal combustion engine with the diesel engine was government granted rights in 1898 (National Inventors Hall of Fame). Nikolaus Otto was a resident of Holzhausen, Germany. On June 14, 1832, Otto was born in Germny. Nikolaus Otto was a drop out in the high school and after that he work as aid for a grocery store. He became a person of hard work; he acquired many works. He works as clerk and traveling salesman in different institution. He collected data and soon find out about the gas engine that was invented by Etienne Lenoir.

Unexpectedly, the Lenoir engine came to failure and then was not recognized. Lenoir engine has a troublesome ignition system. From the failure, Otto thinks about the use of liquid fuel. He soon devised a carburetor to help the work of Lenoir have developments. The two stroke engine was patented by Otto and his partner in 1861. The two-stroke invented ran on a gas. With the recognition acquired in the two stroke engine, he came up to the idea of making the four-stroke engine. It was made as substitution for steam engine (Pagewise). Jean-Joseph-Etienne Lenoir, French engineer and inventor, who came to developed the internal combustion engine.

He was also known to make white enamel 1847, an electric brake and also develop an automatic telegraph. Before Lenoir work came to recognition, many other works of internal combustion were claimed by unreliable inventors. His model of combustion engine was very practical that it made them become real. The engine being developed by Lenoir was made up of cylinder with storage battery. Slide valves were provided in the two-stroke cycle and this cycle was fuelled by coal gas. Powering small items of machinery was his engine used for. He patented his internal combustion engine in 1860 that used kerosene as fuel.

After two years of development, his engine makes a record of having a speed of 6. 4 km per hour (Auuuu. com. ). Impact Through the years of development and innovation of internal combustion engine, it was said to be show significance and impact to the world. Especially with industries and automobiles and cars, internal combustion engines were set to be as important in all terms. In the 1900s, western countries were utilizing this kind of engine produce a large amount of automobiles. Internal combustion engine was adapted for use in by ever sea, land and air transportation.

With sea transportation, much numbers of ships or any sea transport means used diesel engines. In this way they are providing easiness in the transportation of people as wee as goods thru and from port. Trade becomes more rapid and less expensive. Airplanes also have been thankful to the development of gasoline engine. Before the development of internal combustion engine, flights have been not good. But thru the development of these internal combustion engines, it has played an important role in private, commercial and military aviation. In farming and food production, internal combustion engine was said to be also important.

Abundance of food and were seen as tractors and other farming equipments were powered by diesel engines. There is a significant improvement that was seen; there is an increase in the amount of land farmed. This means that it was not only the farm owners who will be benefiting but also the consumers. This is because the costs of farm goods will decrease. And not only that, internal combustion it is also seen to be producing much more amount of goods. On the environmental aspect, internal combustion engine was not bad for the environment. Actually, it was really significant.

Internal combustion engines were being operated thru burning forms of hydrocarbons as it also discharges exhaust gases. These petroleum based hydrocarbons were to produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water also. Other impact in the environment is very great because the process of extraction of provides some invariably great results (Auuuu. com). Internal combustion Engine (Overall Aspect and Summary) The internal combustion engine a prime mover, that means it utilizes some form of energy to shift objects. In the mid of the nineteenth century, the first reliable internal combustion engines exist and were industrialized.

It was also almost instantly put to use for transportation. The development and improvement of the internal combustion engine helped to people in was that it helps them to do toughest manual work. There were several engineers and inventors who supposed to give try to make the internal combustion engine. But not all had been successful for the development. Here are the names of the famous engineers and inventors that were given recognition for the development of these engines. One is Lenoir, made the first possibility of the internal engine. Otto and Diesel was also seen to be accomplished for the successful of the internal combustion engine.

Another is Daimler and Maybach who gave it a try with bicycle and motorcycle. They also produced a car making it have the four-speed gearbox. Karl Benz also was known due to his production of gasoline car. There are even more inventors and engineers who have shared their ideas to develop or at least improve the internal combustion engine. The impact of internal combustion engine was really significant for the different modes of transportation and industrial countries. They were given the easiness of providing fast service to their consumers. The transport modes were speedy service.

The industrial parts were to produce their products in a fast pace. At home, it was also significant because all equipments like chainsaws and the like were also powered by internal combustion engine. As well in farms, the production was made fast because of the engine that helps them farmed much amount of lands. The economic also was being benefited in term of providing carbon monoxide and dioxide and water which is essential for the everyday life. These were really signifies that the development of internal combustion engine was made for the good purpose for the human and the world.

It does not only secure the impacts on the industrialized nation but also concerns with the whole community. Conclusion Internal combustion engine was only one of the essential development and innovation in the world of technology. Since great inventors are coming up with ideas that will provide good impacts on the community as well with the technology itself. The engineers and inventors are making sure that every innovative idea within the world of technology, the significant and the development must come together as these ideas were to be brought out in the community.

Internal combustion engines are most generally used for movable force systems. Home, industries, transport companies and farmers are the common groups that were being benefited by these innovations of the internal combustion engines. Electric generators and industry were also utilizing these engines. These innovations had greatly affects essentially for the fast paced of works in any of these groups.

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