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Published: 2019-10-10 12:32:40
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There are over 400,000 members worldwide that pay annual dues. They receive a very small fee for being web based providing their votes and input. The problem ethically is how much are they getting paid, what information are they researching to help the organization, why are they web based, and where does all the money go that is paid by members?

John Lockes theory of rights would ask the question Is this organization giving the members their rights? (2012) eguide LS312 Chapter 1. Meaning do the members know where their money is going and do they know their rights and are their rights being broken? Immanuel Kants categorical imperative theory would ask this nonprofit organization if their intentions are in the right place. The article states that the organization exists because they want to help energy plants and educate about energy, but again, where are the profits going, and what are their real intentions. (2012) eguide LS312 Chapter 1. In Jeremy Betham and john Stuart Mills theory of Utilitarianism, I as a member of the board would ask, if the good outweighs the bad. I personally think in any situation, even if the good does outweigh the bad, all efforts should focus on having all good intentions. (2012) eguide LS312 Chapter 1.

If I as a board member used John Rawls theory of justice I would worry about each individuals rights. The utilitarianism theory would recommend one person losing their job in order to save ten jobs but on the other hand, the justice theory would say no, that one individual was treated unethically. Lawrence Kohlberg developed three levels of moral development.

Level 1. Pre-Conventional

1.Seeking rewards
2.Reaction to punishment
Level 2. Conventional
3.Law and Order
4.Good Boy/Girl
Level 3. Post Conventional
5. Social Contract
6. Universal Ethical Priciples

I would use Lawrence Kohlbergs theory as a guide to see at which development level others are at. Each of these levels consist with the age of a child with level 1 being an infant. So all of these theories could be used in order to see if a company is running ethically or not, and I wouldnt just use one theory.

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