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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Emiratization is a strategy that the UAE has adopted and it entails the recruitment as many professionals as possible, such as human resources managers and secretaries in the private and public sectors. The country has decided to pick this strategy because it is one of the countries that have limited competitiveness the world. This is simply because it is a country that faces economic, political, and environmental issues. The government has initiated the Emiratization plan which does not concentrate on the economic or trade factors of the global world.

The agreement of the implementation of the Emiratization strategy is based on political, social and economic factors but the government is also concerned with localization of employment and organizational efficiency. Most of the government contributors have made the Emiratization program a success since they given so much into the development of employment opportunities locally. The government of UAE has made an allegiance to promote work power in the local workforce.

One of the advantages of Emiratization is that workers are able to assess networks that exist within the organizational structure. With these networks workers are able to corporate with the rest of the organization in the country and even the globe in general. The strategy has also initiated more educational programs to the citizens of the UAE since the plan is to have more professionals in the private and public sectors. Innovation is also growing due to Emiratization since the government has been heavy investing into research projects.

Many private sectors are greatly contributing by carrying out surveys that give results or forecast into the future of the UAE nationals. Since the program advocates for more educational programs, this means that when people graduate from school they are able to acquire jobs. This means that the element of unemployment is eliminated through Emiratization. Although Emiratization is meant to be a positive impact into the UAE, it is also facing some challenges. There is a shortage of the required skills such as leadership, languages and technical skills.

These skills are required if the UAE is to get on top of the global economy. The Emiratization program does not have enough public awareness and it has also been receiving a bad image since its initiation and therefore this is a bad aspect since most people will not support it and therefore it might not produce the desired outcomes. Although the government has introduced this strategy to the public and private sectors, there is a significant high salary gap and this might pose as a bad image among the sectors.

The government has not given a clear definition of the requirements needed for the jobs emphasized on so the citizens do not have enough clarity on what to do to get a certain job. Some social activities such as religion are a posing as a negative impact on the Emiratization strategy since people may have restrictions or conservative opinions on the implementation of the plan. In order for the local citizens of a nation to understand the concept of international trade, the following program would be the best plan in support international business managing.

Long-term Plans 1. Allocation of resources into the educational and training programs in international business 2. Enforcement of local business which may in the end lead to acquiring of skills for international business 3. Developing policies that ensure that there is adequate supply of college graduates into the international business activities 4. Development of strong ties with international education partners Mid-term Plans 1. Giving rewards to those employees who perform well in international business activities 2.

Provision of training to those people who have interest in higher positions than the current ones 3. Establishment of a committee that deals with the recruitment of people into the international business Short-term Plans 1. Creations of a specialized academic institution for international business 2. Having promotional campaigns that advocate for the importance of international business 3. Providing subsidies that will attract the people into the international business plan 4. Having career guidance sessions to citizens of a nation and clarifying to them all the benefits of international business With the above plan, it will be possible for people to understand the importance of international business to themselves and also to their nation.


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