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Published: 2020-01-12 03:32:14
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The rationale for an emergency response plan on a construction site is to have a well organized plan of action in place to be prepared to immediately respond to various types of emergencies. The environment of construction sites can change constantly which is why its important to plan carefully before projects begin and make adjustments if necessary. As our text states, preparation involves planning, practicing, evaluation and adjusting to specific circumstances (Goetsch, 2003). Proper preparation and response helps the situation to be quickly controlled and could prevent panic, decrease the possibility of injury, death and damage. The Emergency planning and community Right to Know Act provides information about hazardous chemicals available to a community where they are being used so residents can protect themselves in case of an emergency.

The Emergency planning and community Right to Know Act has four components that include: emergency planning, emergency notification, toxic chemical release reporting and information requirements. There must be one person in charge and everyone involved must know that person is. There should be a designated person or people trained to administer first aid and first aid kits should be stocked and readily available. An emergency action plan (EAP) should include various plans for each anticipated emergency, that should include the following components: procedures, coordination, assignments and responsibilities, accident prevention strategies and schedules.

They should be customized by location and should include a map, organizational chart, local coordination information and local training schedules. There should be an emergency response team (ERT) to handle general and localized emergencies, facilitate evacuations and shutdowns, protect and salvage company property and work with local authorities. There should also be a trauma response team (TRT) should consist of health and safety personnel who have had special training or credentialed counseling to help employees with what they have experienced after being involved in an emergency situation. TRTs are able to recognize symptoms of employees who need professional care and refer them to qualified care providers (Goetsch, 2003).

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