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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The American Dream, a concept that is usually associated with success, fame, power, and material wealth. However, Elvis Presley saw it differently. His version of the American Dream saw all of these as irrelevant or as a consolation. For him, it was more of the process of how a person would achieve his or her goals in life. The American Dream was the freedom of any person to choose his or her desired goals and then work hard for it, making the consolations more meaningful and well-deserved. I believe this was the American Dream that he was referring to.

The essence of Elvis American Dream was simply the freedom of a person to choose what he or she wanted and accompanied by hard work, giving it a hundred percent or, if possible, exceeding it by giving it his or her best. Not all were born into a prominent family that can simply give anything they would desire even without lifting a finger. The less fortunate would always have to work harder for the success they desired. Elvis was one of those less fortunate individuals as he was born into a humble family, struggling during his childhood.

He came back from war and chased his dream of becoming a famous actor or singer in Hollywood. From a humble beginning to a famous rock icon, Elvis endured the hardships that life threw at him and gave it his all in order to reach his goal. Any dream would be possible to reach if only one would give his or her all just to get it. In his music career, he sang what he wanted to sing. No one told him to sing this or that. He never sold himself out in order to get fame and success. He just did what he wanted to do on stage and off stage, earning his success through what he desired.

This can explain a lot about how a person should achieve his or her dreams. People were given an opportunity to choose for themselves from the start. However, inevitable forces or influences drove some to choose otherwise. I think the message that he was trying to convey through his life story and success in the music industry was do something in life that you know you would enjoy. This might actually be the recipe for success; the key to achieve that American Dream that many of us wanted.

In the contemporary period, the concept of the American Dream has been construed by a lot of people as to having or possessing what they desired”mostly material things like mansions and sports cars”no matter what the means they used to achieve these ends were. These people seem to confuse it with the original concept of the American Dream, replacing it completely with the notion of getting rich quickly. Well, I would not blame them for such an attitude frankly because money is an essential part of society. It permits people into getting things that they desired for.

Money seems harder to get nowadays compared to the 1950s since the country fell into another recession, possibly another great depression. What happened to that American Dream that these people desired so much? It turned into a nightmare, in my opinion. Somehow, many still manage to get by and still believe in that day where everything will be alright again and they can live their American Dream. One more trait that every person should have is to never give up on his or her dreams. Elvis held on to his even through the face of adversity”struggling through his childhood.

After all of this, he managed to achieve his dream of becoming famous as an actor or singer by working hard for it, fighting through thick and thin. Maybe this should be example that we need to follow in order to restore that concept of American Dream. Elvis concept of the American Dream may have been changed through the years the followed but it is still not too late to revert it to what it once was. He is an inspiration, a guide for us to follow on how we could achieve success in life even if it gets tough along the way.

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