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Published: 2019-12-23 17:32:20
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Effects on Relationship Love by definition is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment, but what happens when theres friction between love? That is what every couple has to deal with. Everyone has some sort of relationship in their life. Relationships can be between friends, parents, or even a man and woman. There are many factors that can determine the causes of trouble in a relationship. Miscommunication, disagreement, and trust are three factors contributing to trouble in relationships. I believe that miscommunication is a big factor to relationship problems.

Simple things such as what time dinner is or how long a meeting is going to be can cause friction. By not communicating, a relationship can develop some major problems. Certain miscommunications can cause speculation such as one or both partners accusing another of being unfaithful. One should never develop problems from Just simply not talking to one another. By not having good communication, the relationship can suffer dramatically and could possibly end. Another major cause of friction in a relationship is disagreement.

No matter what, veryone ends up getting into a disagreement or difference with another person. One might disagree on who should be voted off on the next episode of American Idol or who the president of the United States should be. Disagreement leads to argument; arguments are never good in a relationship. To have a strong relationship a couple should learn how to make compromises to ensure a strong and steady connection. By working to develop this, the relationship should be closer and stronger than before. Lastly, trust is the key to all relationships.

Being loyal and having faith can keep any relationship steady. Without trust, how is one supposed to stay in a relationship? Trust is incredibly hard to gain and so easy to lose. In high school, one usually has a best friend that he or she tells everything to. What happens if that person gets mad at one for any reason and spills his or her secrets? All trust in that relationship has now disappeared. At that point, trust is so hard to gain back. Losing all trust could end a valuable relationship. There are many fgures that can cause friction in relationships.

Miscommunication, disagreement and trust are all major factors in a relationship. Whether your relationship is between best friends, lovers or family; these are all main factors. If any problems come between these factors, relationships could go through major problems and possibly terminate. By causing problems between these three factors, it can cause bad effects on the relationship. It is important to not cause friction between any of these if one wants to keep a strong relationship. Effects on Relationships By amberrJade

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