Effects of Early Marriage Essay

Published: 2019-12-27 02:02:44
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This chapter consist of Introduction, Background of the Study, Conceptual Framework, Statement of the Problem, Hypothesis, Significance of the Study, Scope and Limitations of the Study and Definition of Terms.


Marriage is considered as one of the greatest part of a couples life. Things that shall be cherish and treasure by a wedded partners. Considering the new, civilized and liberated nation, it was well known in this country that early marriage is considered as a controversial subject matter. Early marriage affects the person involved in it in many psychological and social ways. There were possibilities that the couple who were married at their young age struggles in facing the hardships and difficulties of life without learning and knowing what a married life was. It is considerable that this wedded couple were not yet ready to face the difficulties of what married life was.

Background of the Study

Early marriage or child marriage refers to a marriage wherein the persons involved were not on their exact ages of a marriageable couple, it is frequently and often before puberty. In some cases only one marriage-partner is a child and they were usually females. And in some worst cases the females were actually pregnant that they consider marriage as a solution. At some point the females involved in early marriage were already physically and psychologically abuse by the time they were engage on that early marriage.

In this study the researchers wanted to inform any other people that this issue early marriage is a serious case that people shall know. The researchers involved themselves to people who were actually married at their young ages, people who were not yet married and people who were engaged about the topic.

Name: _____________
Age: ___Gender: ________
Classification: (please check) Student: ___ Wife: ___ Husband: ___ Directions: Check the box which correspond your answer.
1.Do you prefer to be married at a young age?
2.On what age you wanted to be married?
3.Do you already have a husband/wife?
4.Are you officially married?
5.What age did you married your partner?
6.Are you forced to marry your partner?
Yes No
7.Are you prepared to have a family?
Yes No
8.Have you been abuse by your partner?
9.What abusive acts have you experience from your partner?

Conceptual Framework
The conceptual framework of this study was represented in a form of a schematic diagram:

Frame I Frame II

Frame I: Independent variable wherein it consists of early marriage or child marriage. Frame II: Dependent variables wherein it consist of the causes of why people engage themselves to early marriage or child marriage. It consist of dependent variables that will cause a person to be married at a young age.

Statement of the Problem
Who will be badly affected by early marriage?
The researchers came upon the hypothesis that the women or females involve in early marriage were the ones that will suffer from the effects of early marriage.
Early marriage
This study was made to inform and to give about early marriage and its effects to the partners involved.
Future Researchers
This study can be use as a source of data and information for future related researches.
Scope and Limitations
This is a study that has limited data and information about early marriage. The data gathered in this study came and evaluated from (20) wedded housewives (20) wedded husbands (5) single female student/s (5) single male student/s. Thus the process and preparation on this study must be carefully discussed for the others to be informed well.

This study is not intended to bother or harm other person involved in a family that was engaged in an early marriage like their child/children thus this study was made to just inform those people what early marriage really was.

This study used evaluation sheets to evaluate what really were the effects of early marriage in a couple, in a student.
Definition of Terms
Early marriage/child marriage: it is a matrimony wherein it is given to those children even though they were not in their marriageable ages.

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