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Published: 2020-02-21 11:32:27
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At the end of the play Catherines hatred for Eddie ebbs away and she cries to him saying Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you. This shows that even after he reported Marco and Rodolpho she stills cares for him. Marco is Rodolphos older brother; he is a man of few words. Unlike Rodolpho he does not want to become a citizen, he just wants to support his family back in Italy, my wife (To Eddie) my wife I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars -. At the beginning of the play Marco is very respectful and grateful towards Eddie when you say go, we will go, because he let Marco and Rodolpho stay in his house.

Towards the end of Act 1 however Marcos attitude towards Eddie begins to change considerable. After the boxing scene where Eddie hits Rodolpho too hard, Marco lifts a chair which appears at first just to be a friendly show of strength but when Eddie looks at him he realises what message Marco is trying to get across. Marco does it as a warning to Eddie, to show that if he hurts Rodolpho he will have Marco to deal with, Marco is face to face with Eddie, he transforms what might appear like a glare of warning into a glare of triumph, Eddies grin vanishes as he absorbs his look.

Marcos respect for Eddie continuously goes downhill from the boxing scene, after Eddie kisses Rodolpho and then reports them to the immigration bureau, Marco almost goes mad with rage. When the immigration officers come for him and Rodolpho, Marco spits into Eddies face. Marco accuse Eddie of killing his children That one! He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children! you could say that because Eddie reported them to the immigration bureau, he stopped the money that Marco was making for his family, so in way he is stealing food from Marcos children,

When Marco is in jail, Alfieri comes to him and makes him promise not to do anything drastic (like killing Eddie); Marco agrees reluctantly you can tell this by the stage direction (lowers his eyes. It almost seems he is ashamed) All right. As soon as Marco is released on bail he returns back to the house and calls for Eddie, Eddie goes outside the house to confront Marco. Eddie accuses him of lying. When Eddie lunges at Marco, Marco turns and strikes him on the neck bringing him to his knees; Animal! You go on you knees to me! Marco tries to attack Eddie again but Eddie brings out a knife. Marco calls Eddie an Animal again.

Eddie lunges towards Marco but Marco manages to grab his arm, turning the blade inward. Marco hated Eddie for what he did and believed he deserved what happened to him, Marco arguably killed Eddie in self defence. I believe the characters feelings towards Eddie change because of his actions and his attitude towards them; in a way he brought his fate upon himself for his jealously of Rodolpho and Catherine got in his way and clouded his judgment making him act irrationally and irresponsibly. At the beginning of the story you always got the feeling that Eddie was a violent man but good at suppressing it.

I never really liked Eddie as you always had the feeling that his fatherly love for Catherine was a bit more than what it appeared. As the play continued my dislike for Eddie grew as he seemed a cold and almost uncaring character and very selfish. However at the end of the play in Act 2 you almost feel sorry for him when he dies but you cant really pity him because of his past actions. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was very interesting and thought provoking though the ending was predictable as you could clearly see what the outcome was going to be from the jail scene where Marco states that Eddie would already be dead in his country.

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