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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Of all the characters in the play, Marco is the one most responsible for the death of Eddie Carbone Do you agree? Consider all the characters in the play who are likely to be involved. Form your own conclusion from evidence, and use six characters minimum. I am going to write an essay about who I think is the most responsible for Eddie Carbones death. I will also say whether I think Marco is the most responsible. I will talk about the different characters, and say what I think makes them responsible/not responsible for his death.

Then I will give my conclusion as to whom I think is the most responsible. The characters that I am going to use for my essay are Marco, Eddie, Rodolfo, Alfieri, Catherine and Beatrice and I will write about them in that order. In the beginning Marco was a very nice man. He did not want to put Eddie and Beatrice out, and was always very friendly with them. There was never much conflict between himself and Eddie, they would talk about his family and how he was going to help his children get better. This is illustrated when Beatrice asks Marco if his wife is getting the money ok, and he replies Oh, yes.

She bought medicine for my boy. Also when they are talking about money in the beginning, Marco is very eager to send his wife as much money as he can, as soon as possible. He says Because I could send them a little more if I stay here and, I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars. This shows Marco is a very caring man, and wants the best for his wife and children. Then, Eddie started to become jealous of Rodolfo and when they were talking about Marcos family it lead to respecting women, and it was like Eddie was trying to warn Rodolfo away from Catherine.

Eddie starts to become very jealous and angry now, and says to Rodolfo, It aint so free here either Rodolfo, like you think¦ Then Rodolfo tells him he does respect her and Eddie starts to talk about just taking away girls. Eddie says I know, but in your town you wouldnt just drag off some girl without permission, I mean (he turns) you know what I mean Marco? Marco replies (cautiously) yes. It was after this that things started to change between them. Eddie tried to teach Rodolfo how to box, but ended up hitting him too hard.

Marco then showed Eddie that he could be strong too, by testing his strength: He kneels, grasps and with strain slowly raises the chair higher and higher¦. Eddies grin vanishes as he absorbs his look. Eddie couldnt lift the chair but Marco could, this was showing Eddie that he (Marco) could be twice as strong as him, and was like saying I can be strong too, Im warning you¦ I also think this was like telling Eddie that, if he wanted to fight Rodolfo, then he would have to fight him as well. I dont think Marco is exactly to blame for Eddies death, because Eddie should have been warned and left it at that.

Instead he went to the immigration service. Marco was right to be furious at Eddie who wouldnt be? He was trying to help his family to get better, and wanted them to have a better life, and now all this would go to waste. Then when Eddie brought the knife out and was about to use it on Marco I think it was an act of self-defence when Marco turned the knife around. Eddie went down with the blow of Marco punching him on the neck (because he lunged for him), and then just as Marco is about to stomp on him he brings out the knife.

Eddie lunges with the knife. Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home¦ Eddie was over-protective towards Catherine right from the start. When she wanted to go ahead with the job her principle had told her to try for he tried to stop her from going a sign that he didnt want her to leave, in case she liked it and wanted to start her own life. Eddie tells Catherine she is walking wavy This shows Eddies concern extends to the way Catherine walks. When Marco and Rodolfo came to stay, things just went from bad to worse.

Eddie started being suspicious of Catherine and Rodolfo all the time, and would have a go at Rodolfo. Eddie says I know, but you wouldnt just drag off some girl without permission¦ Eddie is accusing Rodolfo of dragging Catherine off without his permission, and saying he has no respect in for women in doing this. I think Eddie is to blame for his own death, because if he hadnt been so over-protective and jealous none of this would have happened. Another time Louis and Mike ask Eddie if he would like to go bowling with them, but he says no, hes expected at home.

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