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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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There has been a growing concern for the rise of environmental problems around the world. Ecology students from the University of Georgia came up with a list of the top ten environmental problems of the world. Based on this list, I came up with my top five environmental problems that people consider to be pressing problems in the environment. First in my list is human overpopulation. While it is part of human nature to procreate and multiply, the unchecked growth of the human population has led to the over consumption of goods and resources, thereby leading to poverty a culprit as well of environmental problems.

The over consumption of resources by human population can take its toll on the limited resources that the world can provide. Next in my list of the worlds top environmental problem is the pollution of our water quality and quantity. Sewage from cities, unregulated releases from industrial and agricultural sites, and dumping of wastes in the oceans collectively exacerbate the worldwide problem of water pollution (Gibbons). If left like these, we may have a serious water problem in the coming years. Following the problem of water pollution is the problem of air pollution.

As more and more cities and countries are industrialized, the use of fossil fuels has also risen. Such has led to acid rain, dissolution of the ozone layer, smog, and the general elimination of clean air (Gibbons). The top 4 environmental problem is global climate change, which is admittedly interconnected with water and air pollution. Global warming has already received a lot of press mainly because such phenomenon has been going on for the past 4 billion years and it has steadily risen in the past decades.

Water level has risen and as air pollution worsens, so does global warming. Lastly, the loss and degradation of habitats have been considered by ecologists as one of the most pressing environmental problems as human advancement and development as well as deforestation has led to the decline of the biodiversity. There are many species which are on the brink of extinction because their natural habitats are already destroyed or perished.

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