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Published: 2019-11-29 16:02:18
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There are so many smart reasons to buy e-books rather than paperback books. How we read books has been changing over the years since the advent of the computer and other gadgets. People are reading online text at an astonishing rate. One of my websites has over 11 million page views. Thats 11 million pages of text I wrote that nobody would have read without computers because it wouldnt have been accessible. Here are some¦ You can password protect your e-books, keeping them private for you!

You dont need to find a place to hide your romance novels around the house! E-books save paper (trees! ). E-books are weightless. Carry 25 e-books with you on your USB stick or 25 paperback books in your backpack up to you! E-books can be read using a reader, desktop, notebook, PDA, phone, your TV, or sometimes you can print them yourself. Windows has a text to audio computer generated voice that will READ your e-book out loud for your if you want.

E-books enable authors to retain all rights for publishing and distribution, movie syndication, audio, etc. E-books are MUCH cheaper than paperbacks. $13 15 for paperbacks. $1-6 for e-books. E-books dont burn as easily as paper.

E-books have more photos. E-books allow you save a copy easily on USB stick, memory stick, desktop, notebook, CD, DVD, Floppy, Phone memory, or camera memory! Mike Fook e-books are available in different formats for e-z reading: Kindle, Nook, PDF, Palm, Word, Text, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Reader. Mike Fook e-books can be bought in groups of chapters. If you dont know if you want to buy the whole e-book just buy the first quarter or half of the ebook¦ read it. Decide, is it worth purchasing the next half? This was something I never implemented but, entirely possible.

Mike Fook e-books are available in different reading formats to make it easier on your eyes. Paperback books are in one font in one format, like it or not. We give you many fonts and text formatting options to choose from with our e-books. Ebooks have places authors can advertise other books, websites, email and other contact info. Better for traveling. Most e-book readers have bookmarks you can set to return to your place easily. E-book text is searchable E-books are downloaded online, not through the mail system. Youre not paying for someone to bring it to you. E-books are available immediately after you buy, there is no waiting at all.

Its like you were in a store and bought it and get the e-book instantly. Try before you buy: You can read more of an ebook at Mike Fooks before you decide to buy it than you could if you were standing in a bookstore and they were watching you angry that youre reading it! Ebooks dont wear out they dont lose pages, the ink doesnt fade or copy itself to other pages. Ebooks are rarely stolen! One digital ebook can be distributed to one million readers and save 300,000,000 paper pages and lots of gasoline and harmful manufacturing. Ebooks allow the author to control the sales side of the ebook.

Everything is fully trackable and gives up to the minute sales information. Sales are easily tested on ebooks because the author is in control. Resulting in better targeting and savings to consumers. In the next ten years e-books will outnumber paperback books. If you havent switched yet, at least try one soon. Find some digital authors you like. Ebooks are better because they are the future. Frequent customers of an authors ebooks can easily be given incentives for purchasing new ebooks. Discounts are easily applied. Many ebook reading software programs to use with your computer are absolutely free.

Fonts are exceptionally easy to read. Digital e-books are enabling many more people to author a book. The variety of books coming out is mind-boggling. Readers have more options. Reading a digital e-book on computer, PDA, or other electronic reader can reduce eyestrain over reading traditional books for which ambient light is not adequate enough. You have full control over the brightness of your screen and how far you sit from the screen as you read an e-book. If you want to sit further back, you can increase the font size (zoom). Reduce strain on your hands when you read e-books versus traditional paperback books.

Holding a strongly bound paperback book open as you read for 12 hours puts strain on your hand muscles. Especially if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, this is one area that computers will HELP those with carpal tunnel! If you fall asleep while reading your computer or reader it will stop at the page you fell asleep at. A paperback book will close and the page lost forever! E-books are universal. You can buy an ebook online from: Laos, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Bolivia, Guadalupe, Kauai, Tonga, Switzerland, Iceland, or Kyrgystan and be reading it in minutes. E-books are truly portable.

You can take our e-books to almost any computer in the world running Windows, Linux, or Macintosh and read your e-book. E-books never smell. E-books dont fall apart. If you ruin your e-book (it gets corrupt) Mike will send you another copy for free. Would a paperback publisher do that? E-books let authors be more creative as we dont need to conform to a publishers idiosyncratic style, we choose our own. E-books provide authors with more options to add photos, video clips, Google maps, audio tracks, and other content directly into the book. Were going to experiment with this a lot in the future here at Mike Fook.

E-books are so much more easily distributed than paper books. Paperbooks waste gasoline, pollute the environment, necessitate paper mills and chemical processing. Ebooks use pluses and minuses sent over wires and through the air. E-book pages dont stick together. Ever. E-books can be read on tablets like iPad kids will enjoy reading, while playing with the tablet computer. Paying for e-books online at PayPal with your credit card and having all information encrypted is MUCH safer for you as a consumer than handing your credit card to a stranger at a bookstore making minimum wage to ring it up.

E-books are damn near invisible. They take up so little physical space that youll never need to consider do I have enough room for it? You have! Youll also never likely visibly SEE a physical ebook in your entire life. What you see in your reader is an interpretation of the physical product that makes a lot more sense to us than would hundreds of thousands of + and ! You cant hit your dog with an E-book or throw an e-book at it. E-books dont collect dust. E-books are more current. Changes can be made and go live within minutes.

With paperback books? MONTHS! E-books are constantly changing. There will be many new developments in the e-book realm over the next couple years. Paperbacks are dead. E-books are instant gifts. Ebooks bought at Mike Fooks can be sent to any email address you choose, not just the one listed at your PayPal account. E-books are inspirational. They are so e-z to create they might inspire you to become an author. E-books are convenient, they go where you go on a memory stick or even through the cloud via email.

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