Duck and Cover Essay

Published: 2020-02-11 15:31:31
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Living under the threat of nuclear war would not be as different as living under the threat of terrorism. To live with would seem a bit stressful because they will always duck and cover whenever bright lights flash, thinking that it is the nuclear bomb going off. It seems easy to deal with meaning that if they protect their selves and follow protocol with the duck and cover, they would have little to no injury if there was an attack.

The nuclear war compared to the threat of terrorism, is a nuclear war most times they will know when it is coming with a warning flash of light letting them know that they are under attack, which gives them a chance to protect themselves. With the threat of terrorism there are always threats, and they never know when they will be attacked. So this gives them little or no time to protect themselves or to find a safe place away from harm. With nuclear war more people are harmed and potentially die without harming those that are at war against u, but with terrorism not as many people die and the person sent to perform the act usually dies to. With terrorism you are always on guard because your never know whos a terrorist, it can be a neighbor teacher anyone, so it is always a guessing game.

They are alike in some ways also. They both can be harmful and life threatening, and they both are attacks from other countries. Terrorism and nuclear war can both cause damage and harm toward people who do not agree with the views of others. They are both wars and can cause devastating results if it is carried out.

Though they are different in so many ways they are also alike in more ways than one. The video was very helpful with teaching children how to protect themselves.

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