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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Dubliners is a book written by James Joyce and published by Penguin Classics. It has a collection of 15 short stories with wonderful plot, characters, and themes. It talks about interesting tales set in Dublin and various characters which show great love for their country in general. Readers will find themselves more than interested and glued to the leaves of the book. They will feel like they are in a roller coaster ride as the stories unfold before them, shifting from success to failure then back to success again.

In her stories, the author shows a hint of his disappointments in some of the people of Dublin and the way they chose to live. The book, as a whole, presents the way of living in Dublin. Reading the stories in this book can make the reader feel that he or she is really in the setting of the story while personally interacting with the characters and sharing their lifes ups and downs with them. The author used words that catch images and achieve a clearer picture through the marvelously written words on the books pages. In addition, the use of the color gold reveals that the author associated this color to his country.

It is a country full of dreams and dreamers. In the book, Joyce presented contrasting themes because there are stories about the country that will attract readers to visit the place while there are parts of the book that make readers feel to never step on that place. However, later on readers will find themselves having a deep respect for the country and all the people who live there. The story The Dead is one of the stories of Dubliners that is not only interesting but also gives out ideas about love, marriage and relationship.

It is about a failed marriage caused by relationship full of dishonesty and deception. Keeping secrets will really ruin a relationship. However, the author still showed love in the characters even though the relationship was already failing. Joyce wanted to imply that loving someone is possible despite all the problems. Loving means accepting the imperfections and giving unconditional love. Alcoholism also plays a great role in the Dubliners. The short stories entitled Little Cloud, Counterparts, and The Dead show that alcohol is a huge part of the lives of the characters.

It is used by the characters to escape from reality and the problems that they have. At the same time, it is also used to enjoy and have merrymaking. The author also used alcohol to reveal the real situation during the time that he was writing the book. In fact, at that time, alcohol and alcohol abuse was really rampant. Alcohol can make or break ones personality which appears obviously on the life of the characters in the Dubliners. The book will let readers feel mixed emotions. There are happy moments but there are also moments of distress and depression.

For instance, there were citizens of Dublin who escaped from the country, only to be imprisoned later on. It gives out a hopeless scenario of life during that time and shows a stagnant impression of Dublin. The short story entitled Mother is depressing and less entertaining. Nevertheless, the author wanted to show that the book was not only created for entertainment. It is a book that shows moving story for all ages. Words are really powerful in the book Dubliners. The author uses words that are gentle which later turns out to be full of angst.

The emotion of good and bad is also shown. First you will feel the love and later on hate. There are stories which are depressing at first but end with full of hope. Upon reading Dubliners, I find myself fastened on my seat without taking any of my attention away from the stories. I was never disappointed with the way the author narrates the lives of the Dubliners. It is worthy of the time being spent on reading. It is a highly recommendable book to be read by everyone to achieve a sense of patriotism.

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